“You shouldn’t be like this here.”

A famous adult magazine model active in the UK visited the EPL Chelsea Stadium without a concept and bought a disgrace.

The Daily Star,크크크벳 a British media outlet, introduced Maria Liman, a Russian adult magazine model who is known to be a big fan of Chelsea, about an incident she recently experienced at Chelsea Stadium.

This happening became known when her Liman revealed it through her SNS account, she said. Lehmann visited the stadium to support Chelsea in the English Premier League (EPL) match against Brentford on the 27th (Korean time).

Usually, she was an avid supporter, often visiting the stadium when Chelsea home games were held, and regularly posting messages cheering for Chelsea on her social media account.

On this day, as usual, Riman showed off her popular popularity by wearing bold costumes with high exposure and walking around the stadium, taking commemorative photos at the request of fans, as usual. She said that she kept the concept of ‘blue’ as her fashion color as a sign of cheering for Chelsea.

However, it seems that the overfitting of the body and the excessively revealing body parts became a problem depending on the perspective of the viewer. A security guard on duty around her arena reportedly approached her and asked her to zip up her jacket to cover her breasts. She had to declare an end to Lehman’s ‘bouncing behavior’ because of this guard’s stop.

Riman shared her story of being stopped by her security guards by posting a photo of her taking a commemorative photo with two men on her social media account. she is “

However, it is known that the reaction of Chelsea fans to this message from the famous model who boasts 1.1 million followers is not very favorable. In particular, as Chelsea suffered a 0-2 defeat on the day, it is encouraging unfavorable reactions.

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