Yang Eui-ji (36), who returned to Jamsil, did not hide her joy in the Doosan Bears uniform she wore again. He pledged to promote the 2023 season while repeatedly expressing his gratitude for the support of the parent company and fans.

Yang Eui-ji held a press conference on his joining at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 11th and resumed his career as a Bearsman. The event was attended by fellow players such as Doosan Baseball Team President Jeon Poong, general manager Kim Tae-ryong, manager Lee Seung-yeop, Heo Gyeong-min, and Kim Jae-hwan.

President Poong Jeon handed Yang Eui-ji a uniform with the number 25 on it, and Yang Eui-ji put on a bright smile. It’s been 4 years and 3 months since the 6th game of the Korean Series in the 2018 season to stand on the official stage as ‘Doosan Yang Eui-ji’. 

Yang Eui-ji said, “When I first joined Doosan as a rookie in 2006, it was like a dream, but I’m happy to be able to come back as a free agent.” conveyed his impressions.

After Yang Eui-ji obtained his first FA qualification after the end of the 2018 season, he transferred to the NC Dinos for a total of 12.5 billion won over 4 years. During his 4 seasons until last year, he proved his worth with a batting average of 0.322, 103 homers, 397 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.969. 

NC was able to taste the joy of winning the first championship in the 2020 season with Yang Eui-ji at the forefront. Coincidentally, the opponent in the Korean series was Yang Eui-ji’s home team, Doosan. 

Eui-ji Yang shed hot tears after winning the championship and confessed that she had a lot of emotional burden. During the Korean Series, he wielded a heavy hit with 7 hits and 3 RBIs in 6 games, showed excellent pitching lead ability, and even won the MVP, but throughout the Korean Series, he felt a lot of pressure on the part where the focus was on himself.

Yang Eui-ji said, “Even when I played in NC, when I played with Doosan, I looked at the bench on the Doosan side a lot. I think it was because I always had a longing.” I thought I would never go back,” he recalled.바카라

However, ‘The Return of the Sheep’ was done like a drama. My heart was moved by the active courtship of Doosan Bears owner Park Jung-won and new coach Lee Seung-yeop, and I returned home amidst the enthusiastic welcome of Doosan fans.

Yang Eui-ji said, “Before re-qualifying as FA, (Kim) Jae-hwan and (Huh) Kyung-min and other players who were close to Doosan said they wanted to play together again, but I’m so happy that it became a reality.” He gave me a lot of messages, and there were people who spoke directly in front of the hotel during the away game. I think I was able to come back with strength from these parts.”

“I’m looking forward to the 2023 season. Rather than worrying, I have a lot of thoughts that I want to go out to the baseball field and show it,” he said. I will prepare well,” he added.

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