“If you look at traditional schools, good juniors come out under good seniors.”

Kiwoom Heroes suffered from a sluggish foreign hitter in 2020. Taylor Motor, who started the season together, played only 10 games and left early with a batting average of 10.14 and 1 home run.

When the first foreigner failed, Kiwoom recruited a major league ‘big name’. In 2016, he broke the ‘goat curse’ and signed with Edison Russell, who led the Chicago Cubs to the championship in 108 years.

Russell, whose strength is excellent defense, played a role in defense, but the offense was less than expected. In 65 games, he did not add strength to the batting line, remaining with a batting average of 2.5 4 (62 hits in 244) and 2 home runs.

He was a shortstop who made a name for himself in the major leagues, but he left in a dreary situation without even being considered for a renewal contract.

Kiwoom held Russell’s hand again. For two years after leaving the KBO league, Russell showed clear growth. Playing in the Mexican League, he hit 8 home runs in 66 games in the 2021 season, and in 2022 added power with a batting average of 3 4 8 and 24 home runs in 80 games. An official from Kiwoom expected, “He showed a clear improvement in the attack.”

There is also Russell’s own performance, but Kiwoom wanted Russell more as a ‘mentor’.

Kiwoom has not come up with a clear shortstop replacement after Kang Jung-ho and Kim Ha-seong. Kim Hye-seong seemed to be settling down as the next main shortstop after winning the Golden Glove in the shortstop category in 2021, but he moved to second baseman due to a somewhat disappointing appearance in throwing. Kim Hye-sung became the first KBO League second baseman and shortstop to win the Golden Glove, and he was perfectly positioned.

The shortstop position is still a concern. He recruited Russell while declaring a challenge for the 2023 presidential title, but he cannot help but think of a shortstop after that.

Kim Hui-jip and Shin Jun-woo showed potential this year, but more know-how is needed to establish themselves as a reliable starter. Kiwoom hoped that Russell would act as their ‘growth promoter’. 토토사이트

Ko Hyeong-wook, general manager of Kiwoom Kiwoom, said, “It is in the same context as Won Jong-hyun’s recruitment. Kim Hye-seong won the shortstop Golden Glove in 2021, but moved to second base for the team and himself. Young players such as Kim Hwi-jip and Shin Jun-woo finished the season well, but one step I thought it would be nice to have a player who I could watch and learn from in order to grow further.” “Russell has the experience of winning the World Series. It is important for a coach to teach you, but he can quickly grow into a franchise star by watching physical fitness management and playing on the ground. I think we can lay the groundwork for that,” he said.

After this season, Kiwoom signed a four-year contract with veteran reliever Won Jong-hyun for a total of 2.5 billion won. I will be 40 at the end of my contract, but I hoped that a young pitcher would take center stage in Kiwoom.

Director Koh said, “When you look at traditional schools, you see good seniors and then good juniors are born. Players aged 27 to 28 can be considered competitors, but they are still young players in their early 20s. , I hope the players will follow suit and make great progress.”

Head coach Ko continued, “In 2020, I was quarantined for two weeks due to Corona 19 and didn’t have time to properly adapt, but I think it will melt well if I work with young players such as Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Hye-seong from spring camp.”

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