The 2022-2023 regular league is heading towards the end of the 4th round. The end of the second half is a situation where the eyes are slightly blurred.

Looking at the current men’s leaderboard, the leader Korean Air is running far ahead, while the second place Hyundai Capital maintains an early lead.

The 3rd and 4th place teams have a long winning streak and it is difficult to easily advance to a higher rank if they do not start hunting for points. It is also a time when an early spurt is needed.

At 2:00 pm on the 22nd, Lunar New Year’s Day, a very important game will visit volleyball fans. It is the 4th round confrontation between Woori Card and OK Financial Group.

Currently, Woori Card is in 4th place with 13 wins and 9 losses and 35 points, and OK Financial Group is in 3rd place with 12 wins and 10 losses and 36 points. Woori Card is ahead in the number of wins, but is in 4th place with a 1 point difference.

The direction of the two teams is the most important at this point. It’s time to decide the season farming. 바카라사이트

Looking at the momentum, our card looks better. Woori Card recently vacated the court for two games due to the bad news of ‘Corona 19’. Several players, including key players, were unable to participate. Nevertheless, Woori Card beat Korean Air in the lead on the 14th and even Hyundai Capital in second place on the 19th. Today, we challenge 3 consecutive wins against the 3rd place OK Financial Group. We are trying to gain momentum on the uptrend.

OK Financial Group showed ups and downs in the process of alternating wins and losses in the last 5 games, earning 3 points in victories but failing to gain points in losses.

Moreover, today’s face-to-face confrontation is a situation in which compatibility works. Woori Card has won all three matches between the two teams so far this season. Even in the distribution of points, Woori Card leads unilaterally, 9-0. OK Financial Group couldn’t use its strength when it met Woori Card. It is OK Financial Group to find the answer to this part.

The key to the match between the two teams focuses on the match between foreign players. Agamez of Woori Card and Leo of OK Financial Group are predicting a bloody battle over the net. Agamez’s recent form is quite good, and the fact that it is a pair with Na Gyeong-bok is the strength of our card.

For OK Financial Group, the game works well on days when Leo serves well and attacks go well, but it is not easy to find an answer when Leo does not. The fact that Myeong-geun Song has returned is a plus factor, but Jae-sung Cho’s absence is also felt.

Depending on the results of today’s game, the 3rd place may change or it may remain the same.

The important thing is that today’s game is the ‘prelude to the war for third place’. It’s a game that shouldn’t be viewed as simply winning or losing a game.

The confrontation between the two teams that cannot be backed down visits volleyball fans. The match begins at 2 p.m. at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. The emphasis is on the fact that it is a confrontation between 3rd and 4th place. It is an important match not to be missed.

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