A sign targeting to take over Tottenham Hotspur has appeared.

The British ‘Financial Times’ reported on the 15th that “Iranian-American billionaire Jaham Najafi is planning to acquire Tottenham for 3.75 billion dollars (approximately 4.8338 trillion won). Within a few weeks, Tottenham’s owner Joe Louis and We will be approaching Chairman Daniel Levy officially.”

Tottenham has been operated since 2001 under the system of owner Lewis and chairman Levy. All of them shar스포츠토토e a stake in the company as the chairman of ENIC. Lewis is the owner of Tottenham, but in fact, most of the club’s operation is being carried out by Chairman Levy. However, public opinion on them is not good as Tottenham has not achieved clear results such as winning the championship for 20 years.

In the midst of this, a ‘big hand’ that is considering taking over Tottenham has appeared. According to the ‘Financial Times’, Najafi plans to make an official bid for the Tottenham takeover soon. In particular, they valued Tottenham’s club value at $3 billion (approximately 3.867 trillion won) and are expected to raise $3.75 billion, including $750 million (approximately 966.8 billion won) in debt.

The system of owner Luis and President Levy has been well-received for its tight financial management, consistent participation in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), and the construction of new stadiums. However, fans are losing patience as they seldom lift the trophy after the 2008 League Cup.

In this regard, the ‘Financial Times’ said, “The reason why the Najafi-led group is interested in acquiring Tottenham is because it obtains real estate and complex rights. Tottenham’s home stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, reduces its dependence on football games for revenue. It is possible to host American football games or concerts,” he said.

If the Najafi Group acquires Tottenham, it is expected that a hotter investment in the transfer market will be possible than before. The recent influx of American capital into the English Premier League (EPL) is the Todd Boelli consortium that acquired Chelsea. Also, Bill Foley took over Bournemouth.

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