In the past two years, I have been trapped in the quagmire of chicken babies, so I have no time to take care of skin care, watching movies, and this official account. To say it is a “chicken baby” is to flatter myself, at most it is to try to keep up with the pace of the big team~~~ I have never been centered on babies, and in the past few years, I have brought “happy with babies and sorrow with babies” to the fullest. The baby passed the exam, please eat; the baby didn’t pass the exam, and I dragged others to express my depression for a long time. It makes everyone think that I am a mother who attaches great importance to learning and is more utilitarian~~~

       In fact, academic performance has never been the most important indicator in my evaluation system. In the student period when the score was the most important, others were thinking about improving the score. What I think about and do every day is how to develop in an all-round way, so as not to make people feel that I am a nerd who only knows how to read. So for my child, the bottom line of my education is at least not to become a narrow-minded, selfish and self-centered person. But all of these require a certain learning ability in order to expand one’s understanding of people and things in the world, so as not to become the kind of person I am most worried about. This is something I’ve always wanted to tell my baby but was worried that I couldn’t explain clearly. Just recently, my baby read a children’s philosophy book I bought for her, and she started to worry every day that she would die, and that people who fell asleep on weekdays would not be able to sleep, and asked me, “Since everyone is going to die, how can I survive?” What’s the point?” This is really difficult for a steel science student like me. So I found a lot of books to read, and this “What kind of life do you want to live” is just a cloak of chicken soup in your heart, but it is very simple, and I very much agree with the principles that are really important in life. thing. 먹튀검증

About learning:

“…No matter who you are, personal experience is always limited. Human beings have language, so they can share their own experience with others, and they can also listen to and understand the experience of others. Moreover, human beings have invented writing, so that they can pass on experiences to each other through books, and Comparing the experience of different people on different occasions and summarizing it from all aspects. In this way, summarizing experience from as many aspects as possible and integrating it in a non-conflicting manner is learning. It can be said that all kinds of learning are all human beings so far. It is formed by the accumulation of experience. People inherit experience from the previous era, and accumulate new experience on this basis, so that they can evolve from a state that is no different from beasts to today. If everyone starts again like an ape, they will always be with each other. Like apes, it is absolutely impossible to achieve today’s civilization. Therefore, we must study as much as possible and gain knowledge from the experience accumulated by human beings so far, otherwise it will be useless to spend a lot of energy. On this basis, we will do our best to solve the problems that still exist in human development. Unsolvable problems, the discovery produced under such conditions, is the real discovery of mankind, and can be called great.” I think you have already understood the necessity of learning, and I don’t need to say anything more. If you want to make great discoveries, the first task is to study hard, climb to the pinnacle of knowledge in this era, and then work on the pinnacle. But to work on the top, to get to the top. Little Copernicus, you must keep in mind that you must not lose the spirit of pursuing questions after waking up in the middle of the night.

On the way of looking at things:

“People are used to thinking and judging things based on themselves; even when they grow up, this characteristic is also deeply ingrained. When you grow up, you will understand that in the vast world, you can completely get rid of the habit of thinking about yourself. People are actually very rare. Especially when it comes to gain or loss, it is really difficult to make a correct judgment beyond your own standpoint. If you can still hold the same thinking as Copernicus in the face of gain and loss, you can say It is very remarkable. Most people tend to fall into selfish thoughts, so they can’t see the truth clearly, and only see things that are beneficial to themselves. If people always believe that the earth is the center of the universe, I am afraid that they will not be able to understand the true appearance of the universe; , Always judge things with self-centeredness, and people will not understand the truth of the things around them. This kind of people must not see the important truth. Of course we usually say that the sun rises and sets. Regarding these daily things, There is nothing wrong with saying it according to custom. But if you want to understand the great truths of the universe, you have to give up such ideas. The same is true for other things in the world.”

Regarding people’s views:

“The important thing is not worldly vision or other things, but you must understand from the depths of your soul what is so great about people. Then, you must stimulate your own ambition and want to be a great person from the bottom of your heart. Good things are good things, and bad things are bad things , when you judge good or bad one by one, and when you do what you judge is good, you have to carry out the eager emotion that wells up in your chest. I’m not trying to imitate Kitami’s catchphrase, but you have to have [no matter what anyone says] Determination. If you don’t, even though your mother and I expect you to be great, and even if you want to be great yourself, I’m afraid you’ll only be [someone who looks great] and not really [someone who is] ]. There are many people in the world who like to act to make others think they are great. These people care most about what others think of them, and they always ignore the real self and what kind of person they are. I don’t want you to be like this People. So, little Copernicus, I repeat, you have to cherish your feelings and things that move you deeply. Don’t forget them and think hard about their meaning.”

About poverty:

“Little Copernicus, as you grow up, you will come to know that poor people basically have low self-esteem in life. Ragged clothes, dirty homes, and simple food every day are easy Just let them feel ashamed. Of course, there are also noble scholars who are born poor but still very confident, but in this world, many people will completely lose their heads in front of rich people, as if they are inferior, and just nod and bow indiscriminately. Such people Naturally, they are not respected by others, not because they have no money, but because of their cowardly character, and there is nothing they can do to be despised. But, little Copernicus, even a person with a strong self-direction, once he falls into poverty , also feel inferior because of certain things, it is human nature. So, let us not forget to be careful at all times, so as not to make them feel inferior. There is nothing worse for human beings than hurting their self-esteem. Poor people often have such bad experiences, so they must not inadvertently hurt their self-esteem that is easily injured. In principle, even if you are poor, you should not feel inferior because of it. The real value of people does not lie in clothing, housing and food. No matter how expensive clothes you wear and how luxurious your mansion you live in, a fool is a fool, a villain is a villain, and his value as a human being will not be enhanced. Poverty is also worthy of respect and a great person. Therefore, if people have true self-confidence in their own value, then no matter what the situation is, they can live with peace of mind. As a person, you should not look down on yourself in a poor situation. Don’t be self-righteous in Fuyi’s life. From the beginning to the end, we must focus on our own value as a human being. If you still feel inferior because of poverty, it proves that you are far from qualified as a human being.”

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