Football Association issued an official position on the so-called ‘2701 Incident’ that occurred after the World Cup in Qatar and acknowledged that there were conflicts between some players and the association. 토토사이트

On the 10th, the Korea Football Association released a statement on its website regarding the issue raised by Ahn Deok-soo, personal rehabilitation trainer for national team captain Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham). Through a statement of more than 6,000 characters, the association admitted some of the association’s poor management, saying, “There were some shortcomings” after organizing the facts surrounding Trainer Ahn, the players, and the medical team. He pointed out, “There are regrets for the players as well.” In particular, it was revealed that some players demanded that Ahn join the medical team, and the medical team leader, who was suspected of having a conflict with him, pressured him to leave the team and return home.

The incident was triggered by a post posted by Trainor Ahn on his social network service (SNS) right after the Korean national team finished the round of 16 against Brazil at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the time, he foreshadowed the revelation along with a picture taken with the national team players, saying, “A lot happened in room 2701, and if you contact reporters about why room 2701 was created, you will be able to learn more about things beyond common sense beyond imagination.” Since then, some of the national team players have been consistently dissatisfied with the national team medical staff through Trainer Ahn’s acquaintances, and in the end, Trainer Ahn took care of the players’ physical condition at Le Méridien City Center Hotel Room 2701, which was the national team’s accommodation during the World Cup, as a personal trainer of Son Heung-min. It is known what has been done. The conflict between the national team’s medical staff, Ahn’s trainer, and players, which arose around the World Cup, continued until this revelation. Currently, the article has been deleted from Ahn Trainor’s SNS.

The Football Association explained why the official position came out a month after Ahn Trainor’s post, saying, “It was judged that it was not appropriate to respond head-on to the individual’s emotions poured out on social media without explaining the clear reason or content.” “I am well aware of the fact that Mr. Ahn, who was trusted by the players, worked hard,” he pointed out, “as a result, it caused distrust in the medical staff and caused great confusion to the players and the team.” The Football Association announced that it would revise the relevant regulations by early March, saying, “We will prepare alternatives for how to explain the relationship between official duty staff and personal trainers and how to create a cooperative relationship.”

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