Korean Air was defeated in a one-man show by ace Saber Kazemi.

Korean Air beat Kuwait Sporting Club with a set score of 1-3 (26-28, 25 -21, 32-34, 23-25).

Due to the unfortunate loss, Korean Air recorded 3 wins and 3 losses overall, including the group stage of this tournament. After the quarterfinals, they recorded 1 win and 2 losses, and on the 21st they entered the final 7th-8th place match. Kuwait Sporting Club advanced to the 5th and 6th place playoffs.토스카지노

Korean Air’s starters were opposite striker Lim Dong-hyuk, outside hitters Lee Jun and Son Hyeon-jong, middle blockers Cho Jae-young and Kim Min-jae, setter Jeong Jin-hyeok, and libero Oh Eun-ryeol. In the early part of the first set,

Korean Air tied Lim Dong-hyuk with a right hit and Lee Jun’s blocking score, followed by Son Hyeon-jong’s left hit, leading to a 4-4 tie. When Sporting Club scored with a right-handed hit by ace Kazemi, Korean Air countered with Lim Dong-hyuk’s right-handed hit. Korean Air tied the score at 16-16 thanks to the serve scores of Jae-Young Cho and Dong-Hyeok Lim. After Jung Han-Yong’s serve, the Korean Air managed a 20-19 turnaround as manager Tommy caught the opponent’s center line infringement through video reading during the rally. Afterwards, Lee Joon’s touchout led Korean Air to a 21-19 lead. However, Jeong Han-yong’s serve and opponent Kazemi’s feint scored a 21-21 tie.

In the end, the first set led to a deuce match. The set was won by Sporting Club. After opponent Kazemi’s witty goal, Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk’s attack went out, ending the 39-minute set. The score was 26-28.

2 sets . Korean Air took an early 5-2 lead with Lim Dong-hyuk’s hard hit and opponent’s mistake. However, Jaeyoung Cho’s serve was caught in the net, and Kazemi’s 3 consecutive serve aces allowed the score to be tied 7-7.

Afterwards, Korean Air took advantage of the opponent’s consecutive mistakes and took a 10-7 lead again. In the middle of the set, with a 1-2 point lead, Korean Air allowed a 19-19 tie with Son Hyeon-jong and Lim Dong-hyuk’s offense.

However, Korean Air, which regrouped, took a 21-19 lead with Son Hyeon-jong and Lim Dong-hyuk making up for their mistakes. Son Hyeon-jong’s serve ace exploded in opponent Kazemi’s serve room, and Korean Air, which led 24-21, won the second set and turned the game to the starting point. The third set

became the watershed of the game . Korean Air was dragged out at the beginning of the set. I couldn’t continue the flow in the second half of the second set. The connection was not accurate and the organized play could not continue. On the other hand, the Sporting Club ran to 13-8 with Kazemi’s strong blow.

Korean Air Son Hyeon-jong is trying to attack. (C)KOVO

Korean Air moved closer to 12-14 with Son Hyeon-jong’s blocking goal following Jo Jae-young’s witty goal. Lim Dong-hyeok hit hard and announced the pressure by 1 point.

However, this trend did not continue. The Sporting club took a 17-14 three-point lead thanks to Kazemi’s offense. South Korea left regret with Kim Min-jae’s offense. Kazemi landed a left-handed blow, increasing the score by 5 points.

Korean Air pursued 18-21 with Lee Joon’s left goal. The opponent’s consecutive offense came out and the scoreboard pointed to 20-21. Sporting Club took a 23-21 lead thanks to ace Kazemi’s two strong blows, but Korean Air did not give up. Son Hyeon-jong’s goal from the left led to a 23-24 final chase.

In the rally that followed, Kazemi’s attack on the right seemed to end the set, but the Korean Air bench caught Kazemi’s net touch through video reading. In the end, the third set also led to a deuce. The rally after that was Lim Dong-hyuk’s score. Korean Air, who reached the set point with a turnaround, had Lim Dong-hyuk hit the right side, but unfortunately it did not lead to a goal.

The deuce battle continued. While the opponent relied on Kazemi’s strong blows, Korean Air continued the deuce battle with Lim Dong-hyuk and Lee Jun followed by Son Hyeon-jong’s scoring. The match, which seemed never to end, was overshadowed at 32-32. The Sporting Club are back on set-point with Kazemi’s blow. Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk’s blow was caught in the hands of his opponent Allenezi. The set ended 32-34.

4 sets. In the early 3-3 flow, Korean Air showed their concentration. With Jin Ji-wi’s sharp serve following, Lee Joon fired a left-handed blow to give the lead a 10-6 lead.

The set went into a mess again as the Sporting club trailed 13-11 with Kazemi’s consecutive goals.

Korean Air kept the gap to 14-11 with Lim Dong-hyuk’s right-handed hit. The Sporting club chased after Kazemi with Mohamed Al-Subaid scoring.

Korean Air ran away again 18-15 with Jeong Jin-hyeok’s sub ace. Lim Dong-hyuk widened his lead with a right-handed hit.

The Sporting club followed up by 19-18 with an attacking goal after Kazemi’s blocking goal.

Korean Air broke away from the chase once again, running away 21-18 thanks to Lim Dong-hyuk’s two strong hits. Hyunjong Son’s goal from the left made the score 22-19.

However, the Sporting club pursued to the end with Kazemi’s strong blow. With the gap narrowing to 23-22, Kazemi drew a tie at 23-23 with a strong serve. It was great power. Kazemi’s continued serve also led to a goal. The Sporting Club, who reached the match point, finished the rally with a goal after Kazemi’s strong serve, which continued once again.

Korean Air recorded a success rate of 54%, with Lim Dong-hyeok, the main gun, digesting 57 of the team’s 122 attacks, nearly half of them. He performed well, posting 34 points (2 servings and 1 blocking). Lee Joon showed strength by scoring 14 points, but the team lost as the total number of errors reached 36. The Sporting Club won in Kazemi’s 42-point blast. Blocking 3 points, serve 7 points included. If it was the V-League, it was a big success that surpassed the Triple Crown.

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