There is a team that has become urgent as major league free agent shortstop Carlos Correa (29) remains with the original team Minnesota. It’s the Boston Red Sox.

On the 12th (Korean time), the Minnesota Twins signed a contract with FA Correa for a total of 200 million dollars (approximately 248.7 billion won) over 6 years. After that, if you fill up all the four-year options, you can receive a total of $227 million over 10 years.”

There is one more piece of bad news for Boston. This is the news of the operation of the first baseman, Trevor Story. On the same day, the Boston club said, “Story underwent right elbow surgery. His rehabilitation period will be 4 to 6 months,” he said, making it difficult to return in the first half.

Previously, Boston was in a situation where Zander Bogatz, who had been the main shortstop until last year, left for San Diego, leaving a big hole in his power. In addition to the story, I lost two Keystone combos. 안전놀이터

In response, Boston signed a contract with the San Francisco and New York Mets, but focused on recruiting Correa, who did not pass the medical test, but failed to capture his heart.

It is not that there are no alternatives. Outfield resource Kike Hernandez can defend the infield including shortstop, and backup infielder Cristian Arroyo can be used as second baseman. However, in the case of Arroyo, it is worth giving a passing score in defense, but it is a flaw that it showed very disappointing results in batting.

Eyes naturally turn to trade.

Finally, resource-rich San Diego is coming into Boston’s eyes. San Diego has three outstanding shortstop resources: Fernando Tatis Jr., who is preparing for a full-time outfield career, Xander Bogarts, and Kim Ha-seong, who were recently acquired.

Among them, the player Boston can recruit is Ha-seong Kim.

From Kim Ha-seong’s point of view, the trade to Boston is not bad. Ha-seong Kim, who signed a 4-year contract with San Diego in the 2021 season, must now return to his point of return and raise his value for the remaining two years.

Kim Ha-seong, who played as a backup infielder in his first season, succeeded in establishing himself as the starting shortstop last year. Above all, his defense has been praised as being of the Gold Glove level, and evaluations are continuing that he will do his part no matter which team he goes to.

If you work in a large market called Boston, you can get much more attention from media and fans, and you can expect a synergistic effect between Korean and Japanese baseball by eating together with Masataka Yoshida, a Japanese outfielder who was recently recruited.

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