Pittsburgh continued its recent strong performance by winning 2-0 against Cincinnati at its home stadium, PNC Park, on the 24th (Korean time). However, it was not such a good day for Bae Ji-hwan (24).

Bae Ji-hwan,메이저사이트 who played as the 8th starting center fielder that day, only struck out 1 hit in 3 at-bats. Apart from the team’s victory, his individual performance was not so good. The batting average for the season also fell to 0.206. There was also an unfortunate miscarriage in the last at-bat. A misjudgment led to an unstoppable strikeout.

It was the seventh inning with Pittsburgh leading 2-0. Leading Castro picked a walk and went out, followed by a walk to Joe and made 1st and 2nd base safe. The next hitter was Bae Ji-hwan. Bae Ji-hwan took a surprise bunt stance and tried to shake the opposing pitcher, San Martin, even though 2S was at a disadvantage.

It seemed to have an effect. The 3rd pitch slider from 2S came in high. It was a ball much higher than the strike zone of the broadcasting company and the game day of the official website of the major leagues. However, the referee Emil Jimenez, the referee of the day, called for a strike very resolutely. It was a strikeout.

When Bae Ji-hwan got the call, he took a step back from the plate and put on a puzzled expression. However, he could not reverse the decision already made. He was more unfair because it was a good situation for the team to run away.

According to the ‘Umpire Scoreboard’ tally, this call was the second worst decision in the game. The criterion was considering how bad the call was, and the importance of the game situation.

The condition (?) of the referee Jimenez that day did not seem to be good. The accuracy of the decision was 94%, which was the major league average, but the consistency of the decision was 92%, which was lower than the league average. Above all, like Bae Ji-hwan’s unfair call, 7 balls were judged as strikes, so he had to be criticized in this area.

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