In yesterday’s K-League match between Seoul and Gangwon, the referee’s decisive mistake came out and poured cold water on the famous match.

The Football Association메이저사이트 acknowledged the mistake and removed the referee from the weekend match assignment.

In the 45th minute of the second half, when Kangwon Lee Woong-hee scored a goal and the defeat deepened, Seoul launched an all-out offensive…

A final corner kick followed in added time, and Palošević’s dramatic equalizer in the match before the goal.

However, the referee blew his whistle, declaring a foul on Kim Jin-ya, just before Palosevic could shoot, and the goal was disallowed.

“As the foul was declared, Seoul’s equalizer was cancelled.”

Right before the shooting, the referee saw that Gangwon Seo Min-woo fell and Seoul Kim Jin-ya grabbed and dragged him by the hand, but in the slow screen, Seo Min-woo tripped over and fell at the Gangwon teammate’s feet.

The Seoul players strongly protested, but the game resumed without a video review, and Seoul eventually lost 3-2.

As soccer fans’ criticism of the misjudgment intensified, the Korea Football Association’s referee committee analyzed the game and admitted that the decision, which declared Kim Jin-ya’s foul, was a misjudgment.

In addition, the fact that the referee blew the whistle prematurely before shooting, making it impossible to read the video, was also judged as a misjudgment.

Situations where video reading is possible are limited to scoring, penalty kicks, and sending off decisions, but it is said that the whistle was blown due to an incorrect decision right before the scoring situation, and even the video reading was not conducted.

[Korea Football Association official] ” Of
course, when I meet coach Ahn Ik-soo (Seoul), it is true that I should apologize and admit that I made a mistake.

decided to remove the referee from this weekend’s match assignment and consider additional punishment, but the referee’s hasty judgment cost Seoul one point and left a bitter aftertaste for Gangwon, which won its first victory in nine matches.

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