The Korean U-15 national team finished third in the Asian Youth Baseball Championship.

The Korean national team defeated the host country China 2-1 in the bronze medal match of the 11th Asian Youth Baseball Championship (under 15) held at Baseball Field in Weihai, China on August 26, and rose to third place.

On this day, Kim Dong-young (Segwang Middle School 3) went up the starting mound in Korea. Bae Jong-yoon (right fielder, Hwasun Middle School 3rd) – Sojahwi (left fielder, Bucheon Middle School 3rd) – Eom Jun-sang (shortstop, Jayang Middle School 3rd) – Seol Jae-min (catcher, Deoksoo Middle School 3rd) – Ha Hyeonseung (DH, Centum Middle School 3rd) – Lee Hyun-min (center fielder, light injury) Middle School 3) – Kim Min-gyu (3rd baseman, Jayang Middle School 3rd) – Goh Kun-woo (1st baseman, Masan Dong Middle School 3rd) – Choi Woo-jun (2nd baseman, Gyeongsang Middle School 3rd) made up the batting line.

Both teams hit the pitcher aggressively, but did not get a chance to score until the 4th inning. Korea’s batting line, which was frustrating, scored the first run in the attack at the end of the 5th inning. When Kim Min-gyu grounded in front of the shortstop, he reached base while Song-gu blocked the runner, and then succeeded in stealing the base, creating a chance for one out and second base. 8th hitter Ko Kun-woo’s batted ball went straight to the center fielder, swallowing regret, but 9th batter Choi Woo-jun hit a double that went over the left fielder and brought the runner home, followed by an additional point with a timely hit by 1st hitter Bae Jong-yoon in front of left fielder. raised

Kim Dong-young performed the mission perfectly, blocking the Chinese offense with no runs for 4.2 innings. Kim Ji-woo (Gangnam Middle School 3rd), who threw in the next inning, blocked the rest of the inning with one run, ending the game.토토사이트

Meanwhile, in the final of the tournament, Taiwan won the tournament by winning 6-1 against Japan. Park Ki-won of the Korean national team won the winning rate award (2 wins, 1 loss), Eom Jun-sang won the most RBI award (10 RBIs), and Bae Jong-yoon won the excellent defense award. Kim Young-jun (relief pitcher), Bae Jong-yoon (outfielder), and Seol Jae-min (designated hitter) were selected for the All-Star Team. The national team will return home via Incheon International Airport at 2:00 pm on the 27th.

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