Cheongju KB Stars, a women’s professional basketball team that won the combined championship last season, is currently at the bottom of the rankings after the first half is over.

However, Park Ji-soo, the team’s signature player, returned from the last minute of the first half and is aiming for a miraculous double electrode.

Taehyung Lee.


Cheongju KB Stars’ performance in the first half was poor.

Park Ji-soo, the team’s signboard, showed symptoms of panic disorder last summer and could not participate in team training, and was

unable to get out of the bottom of the league with only 2 wins in 13 games.

However, on the 17th of last month, Park Ji-soo returned. 카지노

In the first game of his return, he played only 7 minutes, but in the

most recent Shinhan Bank game, he played 30 minutes and scored 30 points and 8 rebounds, showing his old skills again.

<Interview> Park Ji-soo/KB Stars

“Since I’ve lost a lot of weight, no matter how much muscle I build, I can use strength only when it’s in harmony with the proper fat, but I think I can feel the part where I can’t use my strength.”


KB, currently ranked 5th out of 6 clubs, has 13 games remaining.

It is not an easy challenge as they have to catch up with a 4-game gap with Shinhan Bank in 4th place in order to advance to the playoffs.

<Interview> Kim Wan-soo/KB Stars Director

“Didn’t we win the combined championship last year? So if we keep that feeling well, I think there’s enough potential, and for that to happen, if we do well without injury (I think we can go to the playoffs)” While the fever is expected to revive,

KB will have seven home games starting with the match against Hana 1 Q the day after tomorrow.

<Interview> Iseul Kang/KB Stars

“It’s been a while and since it’s a weekend, I hope a lot of people will come and support us.

KB Stars, which fell into a swamp of sluggishness, is once again challenging to miraculously advance to the playoffs with Park Ji-soo’s return.

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