Patrick Mahomes (28, Kansas City Chiefs) was the first African-American quarterback winner in the NFL finals (Super Bowl) history.

Kansas City won the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the 57th Super Bowl held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on the 12th.

Mahomes was named MVP that day after recording three touchdown passes despite an ankle injury. He played in 17 games this season, recorded a total of 5,250 yards of passing, and made 41 touchdown passes, winning MVP in the regular league as well.

Philadelphia’s quarterback Jaylen Hurts (25) was also great, but Mahomes’ skillful management of the game faded. With Tom Brady (46), the best quarterback in NFL history, retiring, the Mahomes era has opened wide.

The first half of the game was dominated by Hertz with fearsome momentum. He was responsible for two of Philadelphia’s four touchdowns in the first and second quarters.

Kansas City ended the half with a 14-24 lead, but turned the game around. With 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter, the turnaround was successful. They tied the game at 35-35 with 2 minutes left, but Harrison Butcker scored a field goal with 11 seconds remaining. Mahomes’ 26-yard break through opened the way for offense.

Mahomes passed for 182 yards, including three touchdown passes, and was not intercepted once.

Kansas City, with the help of Mahomes, lifted its third championship after 1969 and 2019. Philadelphia has been aiming for the top spot again since 2017, but had to be content with a runner-up finish.

This game is expected to be a new milestone in the history of the NFL, which has been criticized for being white-centered. Before the game, the New York Times pointed out that the black quarterback selection “symbolizes a step forward” and that “black players have been far from the position due to카지노 racial discrimination.”

The quarterback is referred to as the ‘manager on the field’ who oversees the offense in the NFL. He must also have a good physique, but the ability to pass accurately to players from long distances is a must for a good quarterback. At the same time, he must have the ability to think of ways to lose and break through the opposing team’s ever-changing attack patterns. The New York Times pointed out, “For the past decade, white owners and coaches have assumed that black quarterbacks will not be able to properly grasp and execute strategies, and have opposed blacks becoming franchise stars in the NFL.”

Mahomes and Hertz overturned this prejudice with their skills and went to the Super Bowl as the starting quarterback. They ranked first and second in the quarterback rankings last season side by side. In particular, Mahomes also won the 2019 Kansas City Super Bowl for the third time.

This Super Bowl also attracted attention as the first sibling match ever. The brothers are Philadelphia center Jason Kelsey (36) and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelsey (34). Previously, older brother Jason won 52 Super Bowls and younger brother Travis won 54 Super Bowls. This time, his brother Travis had the joy of winning.

Black pop star Rihanna appeared at the Super Bowl halftime show and announced her return after 5 years. The 9-time winner of the Grammy Awards, the most prestigious award in the popular music industry, announced in 2017 that he would be suspending his music activities to focus on his personal business. At the concert, they appeared in the air wearing red jumpsuits and performed a medley of hits such as ‘Bitch Better have my money’, ‘Umbrella’, and ‘Diamonds’.

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