“The facility is really the best.”

SSG was the only one of the 10 clubs to set up a camp in Florida in the eastern United States. The downside is that it’s too far. It really came over the mountains and across the water. There are also complaints. However, the facilities and weather are top-notch. It is an explanation that it is worth taking and coming.

SSG boarded a plane to Florida via Incheon International Airport on January 30th. Overseas camp held in 3 years. The first camp will be held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida until the 26th, and the second camp will be held in Okinawa, Japan from the 28th to March 8th.

The road to Florida is not so easy토토사이트. First of all, there is no direct flight. You have to make a transfer once. I changed planes in Atlanta and landed at West Palm Beach Airport or Orland Airport. After that, it takes about 2 hours by bus to reach the final destination.

Director Kim Won-hyeong said with a smile, “Honestly, it’s a long way off.” The players also said, “It’s really far. It has to be difficult,” he said. It took more than 20 hours, so it’s a natural reaction. There are players who complain that they lose their balance due to the long travel time even though they worked hard in Korea.

Instead, it’s a place worth coming to despite all of this. Director Kim said, “It’s really the best. It is S class. The facilities are very good. Although it is an old training ground, it is really well maintained. This is where the Los Angeles Dodgers used to be. It’s still top-notch,” he said.

So are the players. “The stadium is really well maintained. The lawn is in good condition and the facilities are all good. It’s a really good place to exercise. It is also a structure where I can only focus on baseball because there is nothing to do around me,” he said with a laugh.

The Jackie Robinson Training Complex is currently managed by Major League Baseball. SSG owns the entire facility. The baseball field has many sides, and there is even an indoor training ground. It is a structure that allows pitchers, fielders, and catchers to train at once. The accommodation is also next to the stadium. easy to move

Director Kim said, “I am satisfied with the environment. We write entirely no different than ours You can use it as much as you like from 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night. The weather is nice too. I also come here for the 6th or 7th time. There is also an amazing indoor practice field. It is not a place where it rains a lot, but there is no problem when we come.”

SSG visited Florida from the days when coach Lee Man-soo was in the past. It’s been that long. It is true that the sound of ‘far’ comes out. However, it is certain that it is a place worth visiting.

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