Director Hong Won-ki of Kiwoom jokes that when a question that requires a decision comes up during a conversation with reporters at the dugout, he says, “I will keep all possibilities open.” But in reality, there are issues that need to be looked at very closely. Determining the top batting order this season is one of them. Depending on the bench’s decision, it is becoming an issue that will determine the destructive power of the entire Kiwoom lineup this season.

After entering the demonstration game, Kiwoom continued 메이저사이트several tests for the top batting order. With Kim Hye-seong at number 1, Lee Jeong-hoo at number 3, and Edison Russell at number 4 almost fixedly placed, I am trying to put in various players such as Hyung-jong Lee, Ji-yeol Lim, and Byeong-wook Lim for the second batting order. It seems that the 2nd batting order and the 5th batting order are linked.

The key is to place the most effective hitter in the batting order ‘before and after’ Lee Jung-hoo, the current top hitter in the KBO League. Coach Hong said on the 26th, after the match against Gocheok LG, an exhibition game, “I think it will be very important to decide which players to put in front and behind Lee Jung-hoo to increase our scoring power.” “We are looking at various aspects.”

The first task is whether foreign hitter Edison Russell will adapt to number 4. Manager Hong said, “Russell has expectations as a foreign hitter, but he doesn’t have much experience in hitting the center line in important games. He said, “I think it’s important how he accepts and adapts mentally.”

Russell has his major league career through 2019, and that year he pitched in the most games as a 7th hitter while appearing in 82 games for the Chicago Cubs. After the 7th, the number of appearances was frequent in the order of the 9th, 8th, and 6th batters.

Kiwoom No. 4 is a position where you can receive the ‘dressing table’ of the ground more often than other team No. 4. This is because the opponent battery, who is picky about confrontation with No. 3 Lee Jung-hoo, naturally postpones the game to a confrontation with No. 4. It is difficult when the 4th hitter is easy. Conversely, if the 4th hitter shows a strong appearance and is in a position that threatens the opponent’s battery, Lee Jung-hoo will have more opportunities to hit more aggressively. In the demonstration game, as of the 26th, Russell has a batting average of 0.286 (8 hits in 28 bats), 1 home run and 6 RBIs in 12 games.

In addition, Kiwoom’s second hitter may have more chances than the other team’s second hitter. This is because, from the point of view of the battery of the opposing team that meets Kiwoom, sending a runner in front of Lee Jeong-hu 3 is no different from a ‘self-destructive act’. The intention of the bench is melted in the fact that hitters with one shot, such as Lee Hyeong-jong and Lim Ji-yeol, were put up at number 2.

Expectations for Lee Jung-hoo’s performance this season are almost identical and optimistic. He is also adapting to the new batting form, which adds strength to his quick adaptability to the ball, at high speed. If Kiwoom 2 and 4 are successful this season, Lee Jung-hoo’s scoring and RBI records are expected to be enriched. Coach Hong also said, “Anyway, to increase the team’s scoring power, it can be effective to gather good hitters, and I see it to that effect.” Last year, he scored 85 points against Lee Jung-hoo’s 113 RBIs. The RBI was 1st, and the score was 6th.

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