Lee Seung-hyeon (31, KCC), whose shoulders are heavy, is roaring.

Professional basketball KCC risked life and death for the 6th place shooter in the Maginot Line to advance to the playoffs (PO). As of the 27th, it is 6th, one game ahead of KT in 7th place and 2.5 games ahead of DB in 8th place. He has to keep this position for about a month until the end of the season.

In February, the three teams were sluggish side by side. KT has 2 wins and 5 losses per month and 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 games. DB finished February on a losing streak with six straight losses. KCC was not much different토토사이트. After winning against LG on the 5th, he struggled with 4 losses in a row. But out of crisis, a hero emerged.

It is Lee Seung-hyeon (31), the ‘boss tiger’. After recovering from an elbow injury on the 24th of last month, he returned to KGC on the 17th. The beginning was not good. He played hard with 11 points and 5 rebounds despite a 3-week hiatus, but the team lost and the Korea Gas Corporation game that followed continued. Even with his own comeback, the losing streak was prolonged, which increased his burden.

Turned on Ace Mode in Crisis. On the 23rd, against SK, he scored 16 points with a field goal success rate of 66.7%. In particular, in the third quarter, he scored 12 points with a shooting sense that was not like a big man, which is a long-term skill, and showed his strength to overturn his 8-point inferiority in the first half. He ended a long losing streak by leading the team with a double wagon with Jeong Chang-young, who added 18 points.

The same was true on the 25th against DB, a ranking competitor. At the end of the 3rd quarter, it was a tight game with KCC leading by only 3 points. DB heated up the pursuit, but Lee Seung-hyun poured cold water on him. He fired a 3-pointer that instantly widened the gap to 10 points, and took the lead in scoring even when the gap was reduced due to the struggle between Lee Seon Albano and Lenard Freeman. He was responsible for 10 of the 14 points the team scored in the 4th quarter. It was an ace-like appearance that shone during clutch time.

KCC won a valuable two-game winning streak. On the 9th, national star Heo Woong soothed the disappointment of leaving due to ligament rupture in his right ankle. It is difficult for Heo Woong, who cannot return for about 8 weeks from the time of injury, to return to the regular league, but if it is spring basketball, there is a dramatic chance of joining. If KCC wants to dream of a great turnaround in the spring with all its strength, entering the PO is a prerequisite. Lee Seung-hyun holds the key.

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