‘K-League freshman’ Valdivia (29, Jeonnam Dragons) threw a playful warning to Andrigo (28, FC Anyang), who they met again in Korea.

Valdivia made his first steps on the Korean stage when he joined Jeonnam last month. As a Brazilian attacking midfielder, he also has a unique history of being selected for the Brazil U-23 national team in 2016. Since then, he has played in 297 professional games in the Brazilian and Saudi leagues, scoring 33 points.

Now, Valdivia is preparing for a new challenge wearing the Jeonnam uniform. We met on the 16th at the 2023 season K-League winter field training 8th media camp held at the Lacky Hotel in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do. I will do my best. I am ready. The team atmosphere is really good. I am waiting with excitement.”

I asked a question that came to my mind out of nowhere. How did the registered name Valdivia come about? He said, “I was inspired by a Chilean player named Jorge Valdivia. He played for Palmeiras, Brazil. He is a player I really like.” I was trying to decide on a nickname in 2011, but fans also recommended Valdivia. The hair style is similar (laughs). It’s a name I’ve been using ever since.”

How is Jeonnam life? Valdivia said, “Director Lee emphasizes strong pressure and interpersonal marks. After watching for a month and a half, I melted a little. I also play a role in blocking the opponent’s forward pass in the middle,” he said. They are delivering orders well through it. I am definitely better than before,” he expressed his confidence.

There are 5 foreign players in Jeonnam this season. Even nationalities are all different. Plana is from Kosovo, Youhei from Japan, Asnawi from Indonesia, Simovic from Sweden, and Valdivia from Brazil. The language used is also different.

Nevertheless, Valdivia said, “It is true that there are difficulties in terms of language. However, I am trying to communicate in English. I am not very good at English, but I understand each other as we live in a foreign country together.” Everyone is nice and kind. All foreign players are getting help. Everyone is trying to show a better side of themselves in the stadium to repay them,” he said with a smile.

Who is the leader among the five players? 토토사이트When I asked Valdivia if Plana from last season was the captain (?), he immediately burst into laughter and shook his head. He replied, “Absolutely not Leo (Flana’s nickname). The new Simovic will probably lead it well.”

Last week, Jeonnam recruited striker Simovic with a height of 201 cm. A situation where Valdivia’s sharp pass is needed for him to play an active role. “I haven’t gotten along with Simovic much yet,” he said. “I wonder if Asnawi can help with his high trajectory cross so that he can take advantage of his height. “I want to get over . . . to help Simovic score goals.”

Valdivia also talked about an unexpected relationship she met again in Korea. He said, “Actually, I was close to FC Anyang Andrigo, so I contacted them before the opening. About 10 years ago, I trained with the same youth team. Recently, I got a call from Andrigo saying that we would meet right before the opening. I also jokingly said, ‘To you. I’ll tackle you.’ I said it playfully, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s really new and I’ll be happy.” When I joked that I could win if I tackled Andrigo properly, he laughed and replied, “I really have to do it.”

Anyang is a strong team that went to the threshold of promotion last season. Even so, Valdivia was not at all intimidated. He said, “Regardless of which team you meet, the most important thing is to unite within the team. It can be a rather difficult game when we do it. You will know when you run on the field.”

Valdivia’s relationship in Korea was not limited to Andrigo. He added, “Daejeon Leandro, Vaio, who also played in Jeonnam, and Andre Luiz, who newly joined Jeonbuk, are all players I played with. I received a lot of advice from them.”

Valdivia also talked about the ‘world class’ relationship they had in the past. When asked about the players he matched with during his time with the Brazilian national team by age group, Neymar (PSG), Ederson (Man City), Alisson (Liverpool), Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal), and Felipe Anderson (Lazio) came up with numerous names. Valdivia replied, “I played with them. I don’t keep in touch often.

Finally, I asked Valdivia about her goal. Then he only talked about the team. He said, “I don’t set an attack point goal. The most important thing is to contribute to the team’s victory by squeezing my abilities to the fullest.” I’m watching,” he said forcefully.

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