The biggest youth basketball festival, the ‘8th Mungyeong Mayor’s Cup Youth Sports Youth Basketball Tournament’ has opened. Even the cold temperature of minus 11 degrees did not stop the passion of the young basketball players.토토사이트

The ‘8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Sports Youth Basketball Tournament’, which opened on the 28th in Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, has grown into the largest youth basketball tournament in the country. The 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Sports Youth Basketball Tournament (hereinafter referred to as Mungyeong Mayor Cup), which is in its 8th year, is a basketball festival where a total of 38 teams from 5 categories participate to welcome the New Year. It has the characteristics of a winter competition for youth basketball tournaments.

This tournament, which is growing day by day on a national scale, was held grandly with the support of Mungyeong City Sports Association, Mungyeong City Basketball Association, Mungyeong City, Mungyeong City Council, Gyeongsangbuk-do Basketball Association, Molten, and Iit Sports.

On the 28th, the opening day of the competition, the weather in Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, recorded a minimum temperature of -11 degrees Celsius and a perceived temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, five degrees lower than that. Although their bodies softened from the fierce cold that hit them from the morning, the young basketball players who visited Mungyeong poured out hot drops of sweat regardless of the cold.

Basketball dreamers from all over the country visited Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the Mecca of youth basketball, with the excitement of participating in the largest national tournament despite the cold weather. Despite the cold weather, the enthusiasm of the young basketball players was so great that they practiced outside the stadium in short sleeves.

The Mungyeong Mayor’s Cup, which is held twice a year during summer and winter vacations, puts great significance on everyone playing happy and enjoyable basketball. To this end, the organizers apply a rule that all teams must have eight players to participate so that all participating players can play freely, and players included in the entry must play the first quarter, and even if they play the entire quarter, they are treated as a loser.

The tournament will be held on the 28th and 29th at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium and 2 other gyms, and the opening ceremony will be held at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium at 12:00 pm on the 28th (Sat). Mungyeong Mayor Shin Hyeon-guk and Mungyeong City Sports Council President Noh Sun-ha will participate in the opening ceremony.

All matches at the Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium will be broadcast live on iTOP21sports YouTube, and major news and photos related to the competition can be viewed through the Jump Ball.

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