Yair Roderíguez (pictured) defeated seasoned veteran Josh Emmett in two submissions to become the interim featherweight champion.

Rodriguez defeated veteran Josh Emmett by submission in 4 minutes and 19 seconds in the second round in the interim featherweight title fight at ‘UFC 284’ held on the 12th.

Rodriguez, who had been pushing Emmett with taekwon kicks and fists, lost his balance and collapsed while attempting 카지노a flying kick at around 3:30 in the second inning.

The tide could have turned, but Emmett wasn’t taking full advantage of the situation.

Although he was in a lower position, Rodriguez, who continued to attack with heel kicks and punches, strangled Emmett with his feet the moment he tried to change his stance.

It was a proper attack. As the strong choke continued, Emmett could not stand it and tapped.

Rodriguez was also winning the first inning with a variety of kicks and punches.

Depending on the situation of champion Volkanovski, Rodriguez could have a unified title fight or become champion right away.

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