The possibility of Ferran Torres and Lee Kang-in reuniting at Aston Villa surfaced.

Torres and Lee Kang-in are both from Valencia. Torres, who played with Lee Kang-in since his youth, made his professional debut in Valencia like Lee Kang-in. When Lee Kang-in couldn’t adapt to Valencia, Torres worried about Lee Kang-in when he moved to Manchester City. Fortunately, Lee Kang-in took off his Valencia uniform a year after Torres left, and transferred to Mallorca, adapting perfectly and serving as the team’s ace.

The possibility of a reunion between the two players has been raised. This is because Torres and Lee Kang-in are both linked to Aston Villa.

The first player connected with Villa was Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in has emerged as Mallorca’s ace this season and is showing great performance, recording 6 goals and 4 assists in the league alone, and it is known that Villa has been targeting Lee Kang-in since last winter. Manager Unai Emery is actively wanting Lee Kang-in, and there are even reports in Spain that Villa is willing to pay Lee Kang-in’s buyout.

Following this크크크벳, rumors of Torres’ transfer to Villa appeared. The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “Villa has made an ambitious plan to sign Doosan Blahovic and Torres in the summer transfer window. It remains to be seen whether the two players are willing to join Villa. Torres will leave Manchester City in winter 2021 and Barcelona At the time, a transfer fee of 50 million pounds (approximately 83.5 billion) was incurred. It seems that a similar amount will be needed this time, “he said, saying that Villa is aiming for Torres.

The reason why Villa is targeting players like Lee Kang-in, Torres, and Blahovic is clear. Villa are currently in 8th place in the league with 54 points, which is a position where they can fully aim for participation in competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA). The score is equal with Tottenham Hotspur, who are in 7th place, who can qualify for the UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL), and the difference with Brighton in 6th place, which has a ticket to the UEFA Europa League (UEL), is only one point. In preparation for participating in the European competition next season, we are focusing on reinforcing our power.

According to Villa’s recruitment plan, there is a possibility that Lee Kang-in and Torres will also reunite. If the two players do play together at Villa, it will be the first time Torres will work together again in about three years since leaving Valencia in 2020.

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