It was revealed that the referee committee of the Korea Football Association apologized to FC Seoul for misjudgment.

As a result of the coverage on the 27th,크크크벳 it was confirmed that the referee committee delivered an apology to the Seoul club this afternoon with the contents acknowledging the mistake. It is said that the referee made an apology after the referee, Chae Sang-hyeop, who was the party to the misjudgment, admitted to the judging committee that they had made a mistake. An official from the refereeing committee said, “I plan to meet (with a Seoul official) on Saturday and apologize (formally).” Saturday (29th) is the day when the 10th round between Suwon FC and Seoul will be held at Suwon Sports Complex.

On the 26th, just before the end of the 9th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ between Gangwon and Seoul held at Chuncheon Sports Complex, a ‘critical mistake’ occurred that would influence the outcome of the match.

In the 3rd minute of extra time in the second half, with Gangwon leading 3-2, Gangwon midfielder Seo Min-woo fell while players from both teams were fighting for the ball in front of the Gangwon goal. About 1-2 seconds later, Palosevich kicked the ball into the goal. However, the referee blew the whistle just before Palošević could shoot. Seoul defender Kim Jin-ya declared Seoul’s foul, saying that he pulled Seo Min-woo (holding).

It is a scene that cannot be easily seen after the introduction of the video inspection system (VAR). The Seoul players ran to the referee Chae and asked why he didn’t check the VAR. Referee Chae sent the players away with a gesture that Kim Jin-ya had pulled them. And he continued the game. However, if you look at the video, you can see that Min-woo Seo tripped on the feet of a colleague from Kangwon and lost his balance and fell. In the soccer community, a post was posted sarcastically about the judgment, saying, “Did Kim Jin-ya use the ability of the gum-gum fruit that extends his arms?”

On this day, the referees could not check the VAR according to the rules. VAR is only activated during scoring scenes, penalty kick declarations, and ejection decisions. The moment the referee declares a foul right before a shot, VAR becomes useless. If referee Chae hadn’t blown his whistle hastily, it means that he could have judged Jin-ya Kim’s foul through VAR. The referee’s erroneous decision also blew away the opportunity to accurately judge the situation.

Palošević scored a goal, but the numbers on the scoreboard did not change. The match ended with Gangwon winning 3-2. A misjudgment cost Seoul one point.

After the match, the controversy over the misjudgment was fierce. The day after the game, the association referee committee, sensing the atmosphere, hurriedly opened a non-face-to-face evaluation subcommittee. An official said, “We acted quickly with the intention of acknowledging that we will admit to the mistake in the future.” The committee members unanimously judged Palošević’s no-goal decision to be a misjudgment. An official from the association said, “It is all wrong for Kim Jin-ya’s holding foul decision and for failing to comply with the VAR rules for the process in which the referee blew the whistle and scored Palosevich’s goal.”

The refereeing committee decided not to assign referee Chae to play this weekend. In addition, it was decided to hold an additional meeting to take administrative measures such as retraining the referee.

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