Pejam Mulich (29, Suwon Samsung) said his last goodbyes to Seongnam FC fans who had supported him for two years.

On the 8th안전놀이터, Seongnam FC released a video containing the last greetings of Mulich, who recently transferred to Suwon Samsung, through the club’s official channel.

Mulich officially joined Suwon the day before (7th). Suwon announced that “Mulich, the tallest striker in the K-League, will wear a Suwon uniform for the 2023 season and enter Big Bird.” The contract period is 2+1 years, and his uniform number is 44. After completing the medical test, he signed a contract with

Suwon.Mulich played for the Serbian under-21 (U-21) team and debuted as a professional at FK Novi Pazar in the Serbian 1st division. After going through the Israeli and Slovenian leagues, he played an active part in K League 1 Seongnam FC for two years

from 2021. In Seongnam FC, he played in a total of 69 games and scored 22 goals and 1 assist. His strength is the air supply. Despite his height, he has excellent speed, good ball handling skills, and sophisticated kicking ability, so he can score direct free kicks.

In the first year of Seongnam, Mulich received a good evaluation. Scored 13 goals, big He was praised for his height and good penetrating ability. However, in his second year, he drew a downward curve. Although he scored 9 goals, he was often pushed back in defense and competition. Also, there were many times when he was substituted. To make matters worse, Seongnam was eventually relegated last season due to sluggish performance and political issues.

In the midst of this, Mulich will make a fresh start in Suwon in 2023.

In the video Seongnam released on the day, Mulich said, “I’ve had wonderful times with fans in Seongnam for the past two years. It was really good. Thanks to all of your encouragement, I think Seongnam will always be in my heart.”

“The most memorable match was the one in which we scored two goals and received two yellow cards,” he said.

Regarding future plans, he said, “My goal is to stay in Korea for a long time by training hard and competing well.” Also, I love football,” he explained.

Lastly, he said, “Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and waiting from the fans. I think I will miss the support from the fans a lot. I have been sincerely grateful and I love you.”

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