While the professional soccer K-League Kim Cheon Sangmu replaced the command tower ahead of the 2023 season, the newly appointed coach Seong Han-soo (46) expressed his strong will for promotion. In particular, he revealed his aspirations to win more than 20 games based on aggressive football.

On the 3rd, Sangmu Kim started training at the Armed Forces Sports Unit after convening a team to prepare for the new season. Seong Han-soo, the new coach who took the baton, said, “The 2022 season was more disappointing than fun. I couldn’t laugh much because I didn’t have many memories of victory. I hope the 2023 season will be a fun season with lots of things to laugh about.” took a step 토토

As a former striker, coach Seong Han-soo set the team color for the 2023 season as ‘attack’ soccer. Accordingly, managing director Kim Cheon plans to change his mind with fast and fun soccer this year, leaving behind last season when he suffered from a chronic illness in his scoring ability.

Coach Sung Han-soo said, “The 2023 season will focus on scoring. We will play a game that can increase the satisfaction of fans with a multi-scoring game. We will show football that fans can enjoy with fast football and fun football.”

Expectations were also expressed for the new recruits who are about to enter the Army Training Center on the 16th. Coach Seong Han-soo said, “I am looking forward to the enlistment of good players such as striker Cho Young-wook (23), Kang Hyeon-moo (27), and Won Doo-jae (25). I want you to send it,” he said.

Head coach Seong Han-soo is full of hopes and expectations for the new season, but at the same time as he took office, his term of office is set for six months. This is because in July, the Armed Forces Sports Unit plans to appoint a military civil servant supervisor. Regarding this, “Actually, I don’t care too much about my position. Whether it’s a head coach or head coach, I just need to show what I can do. I will do my best to accumulate victories and be promoted in 2023. Beyond 20 wins in 2021, more victories in 2023. I will take it,” he said.

On the other hand, Sangmu Kim is led by Kim Chi-woo (39), Shin Sang-woo (46), goalkeeper coach Jung Sung-yoon (36), and Shim Jeong-hyeon (33), physical coach, under coach Seong Han-soo. From the 15th, full-fledged winter battery training will begin in Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.