This is Sports reporter, Bang Jae-won]Outside the stadium, the players’ commute home was another battlefield. The match ended with a 1-0 victory for South Korea. However, after the game, the commute home was a battleground for Korean and Saudi fans.

St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England, on June 12. The A match between South Korea and Saudi Arabia ended in favor of South Korea. Fans rushed to the players’ entrance.

A few minutes passed. The buses for the players pulled up to the gate. One by one, players from both teams came out. This is when the chants started.

The Saudi fans provoked first. They booed loudly whenever the Korean players came out. It was a disrespectful behavior. It was a friendly A match, and it was held on a neutral field.

One by one, the Korean fans booed, but they didn’t stand still. They responded to the boos with louder applause and cheers. When the Saudi fans sang their own chants, they responded with “Oh~Pilseung Korea.카지노

The victory of the cheer was Korea’s, as was the result of the game. The continuous cheering and singing of the Korean fans drove the Saudi fans away. As the buses carrying the players left the stadium, the Korean fans’ cheers and applause only got louder.

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