Choi Ji-man (32), who caused noise from the start, accompanied the Pittsburgh Pirates. Can Choi Ji-man overcome the pain of the offseason and be reborn as Pittsburgh’s leading hitter? 

On the 24th (Korean time), the US sports webzine ‘SB Nation’ predicted the 2023 season opener roster for Pittsburgh, a member of the National League Central District, and included Choi Ji-man and Carlos Santana in the first baseman/designated hitter position.

SB Nation expressed their온라인카지노 expectations, saying, “Veteran Santana and Choi Ji-man, who have newly joined the Pittsburgh clubhouse, will bring left-handed power to the Pirates lineup.” Santana signed a free agency contract with Pittsburgh on November 26 last year for $6.7 million (about 8.7 billion won) for a year, and Choi Ji-man moved from the Tampa Bay Rays to Pittsburgh through a trade on November 11. 

While SB Nation showed expectations for Santana’s veteran power, it threw a question mark on Choi Ji-man’s performance. This is because Choi Ji-man had conflicts with the Pittsburgh club over the transfer, salary, and selection for the WBC (World Baseball Classic).

The media said, “Choi Ji-man moved from Tampa Bay in a trade and had a bad start with the Pittsburgh club.” didn’t allow Choi Ji-man conveyed his candid feelings that he was ‘deeply hurt’ by the team’s decision at the time. The relationship between Choi Ji-man and the Pittsburgh club is not ideal.” 

On February 18, Choi Ji-man’s salary for the 2023 season was confirmed at $4.65 million (about 6 billion won). After moving to Pittsburgh, Ji-man Choi did not accept the salary offered by the club and wanted $5.4 million, but the Major League Salary Adjustment Committee sided with the club. In addition, he was listed in the final entry for the Korean WBC national team, but the Taegeuk mark was misfired due to the Pittsburgh club’s dissuade, concerned about his physical condition following elbow surgery. 

Meanwhile, Choi Ji-man’s teammate, Bae Ji-hwan (24), a promising player, is expected to be listed on the roster for the opening game as a bench member. SB Nation said, “Bae Ji-hwan can play most positions and brings speed and versatility to the team. Bae Ji-hwan, whose main position is the center line in the infield, is expected to show off his versatility this season as he gains experience in the outfield.” 

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