The fever of the Madrid derby does not seem to cool down. When the CEO of Atletico Madrid took issue with the referee’s decision, Real Madrid struck back again.

Atletico and Real played the 2022/23 Copa del Rey quarterfinals’Madrid Derby’ at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid, Spain on the 27th (Korean time).

The heat was hot even before the game started. Controversy erupted after Atlético supporters mocked Real Vinicius Junior by hanging a effigy of him wearing a jersey from a bridge.

The content of the game was also unusual. The result was a 3-1 victory for Real, but a tight 1-1 game continued for 90 minutes, and Karim Benzema and Vinicius scored goals in extra time to break the game.

Also, Atlético defender Stefan Savic was sent off, showing how hot this match was.

The problem was that Real midfielder Dani Ceballos did not receive a card even after a rough tackle on Tomar Lema in the 26th minute of the second half. Since there was already one card, it was a situation where it could have been a cumulative warning.

“It is clear and there is no doubt that Ceballos should have received a second yellow card,” said Atletico CEO Miguel Angel Hill after the match, according to Spain’s Cadena Serre. It was a very great thing to have.”

“I have tremendous respect for the judges and I am sure they always make the best decisions, but looking from the outside you can see that the same thing has happened over and over again for decades, but this is no longer surprising. “It’s clear, it’s just history repeating itself. Now nobody’s surprised, it’s not news.” 먹튀검증

“Real Madrid is a team with a very strong environment with a lot of stakeholders around them,” he said. “Real thinks that normal pressure is to influence people who have to make decisions. We have no power to change the referee’s decision.”

All of Spain was turned upside down by Hill Marine’s bombshell remarks.

Paulo Putre, who played for Atlético in the past, defended, saying, “I don’t know how Ceballos could not have been sent off. It was like going back to the 1980s and 90s,” but Real manager Carlo Ancelotti immediately countered.

Ancelotti said, “Compared to the 1980s and 90s, there is no corruption at all now. There may have been a lot of corruption a long time ago, but there is no now. Referee decisions have improved a lot in all countries.” (Marin’s) personal opinion. can cause many problems and controversies.”

In addition, Iturralde Gonzalez, a legendary referee in the Spanish football world, criticized, “Marin says he respects the referees, but what he said is completely different. It is a cowardly and very serious remark.”

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