The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) started with Shohei Ohtani (29‧ LA Angels) and ended with Shohei Ohtani. Ohtani, who vigorously opened the door to both pitching and hitting for the first time in WBC history, captured an outcount that confirmed Japan’s victory and decorated a scene that will remain in the history of the WBC.

United with patriotism for Japan and a strong will to stand on top of the world wearing the Japanese national team uniform, Ohtani proved himself as a superstar by making the best highlight films throughout the tournament. It’s not intentional, but the ransom is also skyrocketing. This is because it was a tournament that confirmed that the world’s best player game was already shifting to Ohtani. The enormous spotlight was showing great utility not only in terms of skills, but also in terms of marketing.

Such Ohtani gets the long-awaited free agent (FA)메이저놀이터 qualification after the 2023 season ends. Ohtani’s future has been constantly drawing attention since last year over trade and FA qualification events. First of all, the dominant prediction in the industry is that it seems clear that a contract that will rewrite major league history will come out.

Legendary player Alex Rodriguez (48), who garnered attention by proposing a “selfie” to Ohtani after the WBC tournament, goes further. He predicted that an unbreakable record would emerge.

Rodriguez, who has been the highest earning player in the major leagues for a long time, having landed two huge contracts himself, appeared on ESPN’s ‘The Michael Kay Show’ on the 26th (Korean time) and predicted Ohtani’s salary and whereabouts.

“I think he will be the first $50 million player [in major league history],” Rodriguez said boldly. He said contracts worth more than $50 million per year are possible. In 10 years, the total amount is more than 500 million dollars (about 650 billion won), and in 12 years, the total amount is more than 600 million dollars (about 780 billion won). In this case, it surpasses both the records of Mike Trout (LA Angels), which was the highest contract in terms of total amount, and Max Scherzer (New York Mets), which was the highest in terms of annual average.

Teams with a lot of money were also chosen as the destination. This is because small market teams cannot jump into the recruitment of Ohtani. “It’s going to be a battle between the Dodgers and the Yankees in the end,” Rodriguez said. “And you can add the Mets.” It is expected that one of the three teams with financial power and a powerful behind-the-scenes franchise will embrace Ohtani.

The Yankees were the team that Ohtani was most active in ‘presentation’ when he entered the major leagues. The most prestigious title in the major leagues, the title with the highest team value, and abundant funds. The Dodgers announced a strategic retreat this offseason in order to recruit Ohtani. Leave the team salary blank and wait for Ohtani. The Mets receive full support from ‘Sugar Daddy’, owner Steve Cohen. It’s not a franchise like the Dodgers and Yankees, but it’s not far behind the money you can spend right now.

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