There is nothing more wonderful than writing the history of a team with seniors who lead and juniors who follow. In SSG Landers, Kim Kwang-hyun and Oh Won-seok have exactly that kind of relationship.

At the Vero Beach Camp in Florida카지노, USA, Kim Gwang-hyeon “picked” Oh Won-seok, a junior left-handed pitcher, as his roommate.

Kim Gwang-hyeon joked, “I don’t want to bully other kids, so I have to bully Won-seok to be comfortable.” He takes care of Oh Won-seok to such an extent.

During the off-season, I went to a mini camp in Okinawa, Japan with Oh Won-seok and a few other junior lefties.

Oh Won-seok said, “My senior said, ‘Oh Won-seok, would you like to go to Japan in January and join us?’ He asked and said yes. ‘Are you really going?’ I did it, but from the moment it was confirmed, I wanted to go quickly.”

Oh Won-seok said, “The lodging was so nice, and above all, the food was so delicious. Living together was fun.” He also talked about the ‘effect’ of the Okinawa camp.

Kim Gwang-hyeon was Oh Won-seok’s idol, and still is. Oh Won-seok still said, “Actually, I can’t even feel that we are playing baseball together. I’ve seen it since I was a kid.

Kim Gwang-hyun also has a reason. He has no choice but to admire the hard work of a junior who resembles him.

Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I think Won-seok does more exercise than I did when I was younger.” I guarantee that I will be able to do better this year than I did,” he said confidently in the growth of his juniors.

According to Oh Won-seok, his goal for this season is full-time selection, 10 wins, and being selected as a national representative for the Asian Games. In his fourth year this year, Oh Won-seok says, “I still have a long way to go,” but without realizing it, his experience has accumulated one by one. And with that experience, his growth graph continues to point upward.

Those who are prepared have no fear. Oh Won-seok has the conviction that “it can get better”, and there is a senior by his side who shares that conviction.

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