It was a race of superpowers.

It was a great match worthy of the world’s best male short track speed skater.

Short track male signboard Park Ji-won (Seoul City Hall) won three gold medals at the last World Cup event in the 2022/23 season, winning the two individual events and the men’s relay in which he participated.

He also won the ‘Crystal Globe’, which is given to the player with the best performance throughout the 1st to 6th competitions.

Park Ji-won crossed the finish line in 1:25:359 in the men’s 1000m 2nd race final of the 2022/23 International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup 6th Competition held in Dordrecht, the Netherlands on the 13th and rose to the top.

In the men’s 5,000m relay that followed, he was the last runner of the national team, breaking the finish line in 6:47:048 and adding a gold medal. 

Park Ji-won, who reached the top in the men’s 1,500m the previous day, took two gold medals in her hand that day and became a triple crown.

Having won 5 gold medals in the 1500m and 4 times in the 1000m since the first competition, he has won a total of 9 gold medals in the individual event alone.

Park Ji-won scored 1068 points in the World Cup points, becoming the only male athlete to break 1000 points, achieving the overall victory and holding the ‘Crystal Globe’, which the ISU gives to the skater 카지노with the highest World Cup points starting this season.

In the final of the 1000m 2nd race, which was the last race of her World Cup individual event this season, Park Ji-Won performed so well that her jaw dropped.

In the 1000m race, which consisted of 9 laps around the 111.12m track, Park Ji-won, who had fallen behind in 3rd or 4th place in the beginning and was in a search battle, gradually picked up the pace and ran explosively from the point where two and a half laps were left before the finish line.

In particular, Park Ji-won abandoned the in-course and ran only out-of-course because his opponents were in check. He continued to sprint as far as he could to the fence, but without losing his pace, he took the lead in the last corner before the finish line and came back.

In Park Ji-won’s superpower race, the other athletes lost their gold medal due to self-restraint, such as bumping into each other.

The silver medal went to Canada’s Pascal Dion (1:25:514) and the bronze to Italy’s Luca Spehenhauser (1:25:619).

Park Ji-won’s ‘Showtime’ did not end here.

As the last runner in the men’s 5000m relay final, he competed with former national team member Lin Xiaojun (Korean name Lim Hyo-jun), a naturalized Chinese citizen of the same age, with two laps left.

With Park Ji-won in the lead, a scene unfolded where Lin Xiaojun engaged in a fierce chase and made his hands sweat. Lin Xiaojun tried hard to get ahead of Park Ji-won, but Park Ji-won also desperately defended the lead.

Eventually, before the finish line, the two players pushed out their skate blades side by side, but Park Ji-won came in first and clenched his fists.

China came second with a time of 6:47:090, and Japan ranked third with a time of 6:55:135.

On the other hand, in addition to Park Ji-won, the Korean national team also won silver medals in the men’s 500m and women’s 1000m second races, along with Lim Yong-jin and Kim Gil-li.

Xiaojun Lin won the men’s 500m final that day and took the top spot for the second consecutive time in this event following the last 5th competition.

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