The Lotte Giants are in last place with only one win in the demonstration game that turned the turning point. Even though it is the final inspection stage in preparation for the opening of the regular season, the other line is showing too lethargic.

Lotte suffered a 2-5 come-from-behind온라인카지노 loss in an exhibition game against the Samsung Lions on the 20th. Lotte, whose losing streak increased to 4 games, could not get out of the bottom with 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses.

Even if the result does not mean much because it is an exhibition game, there seems to be a problem with just one win. In the match against the Doosan Bears on the 14th, Han Hyun-hee’s four scoreless innings, Yoo Kang-nam’s home run with bases loaded, and Roh Jin-hyeok’s three-run home run led them to a 8-4 victory.

Lotte has strengthened its power by recruiting three free agents (FA), including Han Hyun-hee, Yoo Gang-nam, and Noh Jin-hyuk, ahead of this season, but so far it seems that it has not met expectations.

Lotte’s exhibition team batting average (0.232) and average ERA (4.65) both rank 8th. It means that both offense and defense are inferior compared to other teams.

Among them, the most serious problem is the other line. Lotte scored 22 points in 7 games, just above the average of 3 points per game. Excluding the victorious match against Doosan, in 6 games, they only scored 2-3 points and are launching a frustrating attack.

It is not that the hit production capacity is declining. Lotte scored 8 and 9 hits, respectively, against the LG Twins on the 19th and against the Samsung on the 20th, but all scored 2 runs. The cohesion of the batting line decreased to the extent that the remaining bases were 7 and 10, respectively.

In the match against Samsung on the 20th, Lotte boosted momentum with Ahn Kwon-soo’s hit in the first inning and Jeon Jun-woo’s two-run home run, but ended up scoreless afterwards. Leadoff Ahn Kwon-soo got on base 100% with 4 hits in 4 at-bats, but the flow of offense was interrupted every time.

The batting line is also not balanced. Ahn Kwon-soo (0.692), Yoo Kang-nam (0.429), Hwang Seong-bin (0.412), Kim Min-seok (0.400), Han Dong-hee (0.400), and Lee Ho-yeon (0.364) are showing good hitting, but Jung-hoon (0.000), Jack Rex (0.067), Jeon Jun-woo, Noh Jin-hyuk (above 0.154) and others have a very low batting average.

Because of this, it is difficult to watch the big innings during Lotte’s attack. The two times Lotte scored more than 3 runs in an inning were against Doosan on the 14th, and the attack was also Yoo Kang-nam’s full run and Noh Jin-hyuk’s three-run gun. In addition to home runs, it was not easy to score a large number of points by destroying the opponent’s mound with ‘shower hits’.

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