Zinedine Zidane (50-France), the world’s greatest coach, recently turned down an astronomical offer from Al-Nasr (Saudi Arabia). Naturally, a reunion with Cristiano Ronaldo (38), his former teammate at Real Madrid (Spain), is unlikely after five years.

French media outlet안전놀이터 ‘Foot Mercato’ reported on the 26th (KST), “Zidane was recently offered 150 million euros (about KRW 214 billion) per year for two years by Alnas. Despite the huge amount of money, he has no intention of going and has already rejected the offer outright.”

Zidane, who has been a recluse since stepping down as Real Madrid boss in May 2021, has been pushing for a return to the field this summer. He has been linked with Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain in recent days, although his plans to take charge of the French national team in January fell through.

He has also been strongly linked to Alnasr since late last month, when he was recently offered a concrete contract, including a huge salary, to succeed Rudi Garcia (59, France). This was especially true with Ronaldo’s desire for a world-class coach.

Zidane, however, quickly rejected the offer as he still wants to coach in Europe’s big five leagues (England, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France). Even if he doesn’t return to the field this summer, his plan is to take his time and not go to Alnas.

Zidane has been in coaching since 2006, when he announced his retirement from active duty. In 2014, he took over as Real Madrid’s second team coach, and two years later, he took charge of the club. Zidane’s success has been unquestionable, winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for three consecutive seasons, and he has become one of the world’s greatest coaches because of his charisma, his ability to bring together star players, and his tactical savvy.

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