Naples is known to have found no illegal circumstances to date.

There was a big problem in Italy’s Serie A. The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) said on the 21st (Korean time), “The Federal Court of Appeals in connection with the investigation of the financial gains has partially accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office. A decision to suspend activities has been issued.” It is rare to see an offense discovered midway through the season and an immediate disciplinary action taken.

Juventus has raised possible financial violations in an accounting investigation that began in 2021. In the process of transferring players, allegations of making a large amount of capital gains by inflating the transfer fee and manipulating the accounting books and entering false facts arose. Italian prosecutors continued to pursue it, charges were discovered, charges were filed, and disciplinary action was completed.

Naples also came under investigation. Italy’s ‘La Repablica’ reported, “Italian prosecutors are investigating fraud charges against Chairman Aurelio De Laurentiis. They are in the process of gathering evidence.” The transfer of Osimen is the main issue. Osimen came to Naples with a transfer fee of 72 million euros (about 96.5 billion won) from Lille in 2020, with a base transfer fee of 40 million euros (about 53.6 billion won), an option of 10 million euros (about 13.4 billion won), and four players. It was a contract with 메이저사이트

The investigation was initiated due to speculation that Napoli gained illegal profits in the process of Osimen’s transfer. Italy’s Tuto Napoli said on the 23rd, “As a result of collecting information so far, it was found that Napoli did not engage in illegal activities when trading with Lille and Osimen. I don’t see him tampering with Osimen’s transfer fee.”

“Unless we can find other specific factors, it seems unlikely that Napoli will be prosecuted. De Aurentis is taking the current problems Napoli is experiencing seriously,” he added.

It took several months for the Italian Football Association to detect and investigate irregularities in Juventus’ accounts and issue a disciplinary action. It will take a considerable amount of time for the conclusion of the Oshimen investigation to come to a conclusion. Napoli is currently ranked first in Italy’s Serie A and is aiming for the first Scudetto (Serie A Trophy) in 33 years.

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