Lead] Na Sang-ho of FC Seoul, who is considered to be the hidden player in the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup, is sweating in winter training in Thailand.

After the World Cup, Na Sang-ho, whose confidence and status have increased, is now dreaming of reviving his team. 안전놀이터

Reporter Park Seon-woo reports.


Through his World Cup in Qatar, Na Sang-ho turned his doubts and criticism towards himself into trust and admiration.

[Soundbite Na Sang-ho/Seoul : “By bumping into world-class players, I gained confidence, and I think I learned a little more about how to play on the field.”]

The changed status of ‘World Cup stars’ can also be felt at Thailand’s field training camp.

Korean tourists who recognized Na Sang-ho never stopped asking for pictures.

[“Give me a hug. You guys like it.”]

[Na Sang-ho/Seoul: “Thank you


However, once the training begins, he leads his mood with concentration that easily digests the movements that anyone struggles with.

[“Good job! Last! Last!”]

In order to restore Seoul’s shattered pride after staying in the lower division for three consecutive years, Na Sang-ho, who has established himself as a captain and core force, needs to score goals.

[Soundbite] Na Sang-ho(Seoul) : “I want to do more than 15 (attack points). My goal is to advance to the top division and qualify for the Asian Champions League.

” With an unbreakable heart, we are dreaming of the revival of Seoul, which has now become a challenger.

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