“Kwon Ah-sol is a player who cannot compete.”

On the 30th, a special match press conference was held at Gallery K, Namsan Tower, Seoul.

Myeong Hyeon-man (37), who has conquered Korean standing martial arts, will have a sparring confrontation with Kwon A-sol (34) on the 31st. From before, the two players continued trash talk and accumulated sediment.

It was the same on this day. Kwon Ah-sol said, “The broadcast is malicious towards me. Only the bad parts were excerpted and aired. Broadcasting is trash,” he complained strongly.

“I do sparring with MMA because I want to show my true self. If it was boxing like the match with Nam Eui-cheol, many stories would have come out. That’s why I decided to do it with MMA,” he explained why he set the rules for MMA. 안전놀이터

Also, regarding Myung Hyeon-man, “I don’t know why Myung Hyeon-man pretends to be nice. Fans would have fun if we did it the way it was, but it’s a pity we couldn’t do that.”

In response, Myung Hyeon-man said, “I fought, fought, and roasted Kwon Ah-sol for about two years. He has never been cursed so much. Kwon A-sol lost miserably to Nam Ui-cheol through boxing rules, but it was a burden, so he decided to do MMA this time. Kwon A-sol criticized him, saying, “He is a player who can’t talk.”

Meanwhile, the special match between middleweight champion Hwang In-soo and heavyweight Myeong Hyun-man will be held on February 25 at the Goyang General Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do. According to kickboxing rules, it will be held in 3 rounds of 4 minutes each.

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