Rodriguez fights against Emmett at UFC 284 Yair

Rodriguez (30, Mexico), the ‘Panther’, who is active in the UFC featherweight division, is a fighter that is divided between fans in Korea. He is friendly in that he is based on Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, but he is also the main character who gave a come-from-behind defeat by hitting the elbow counter with one second left in the match to ‘Korean Zombie’ Chan-sung Jeong. Of course, it may be a bit unfair to hear complaints about simply beating a Korean player in a world of cold game.

What Rodriguez hated at the time was not that he successfully countered Chan-sung Jeong. Throughout the game, he frequently gave high-fives or tried to communicate in various ways, interrupting the rhythm of the game, but unfortunately Chan-sung Jung accepted it again. At the last minute, Chan-sung Jeong was ahead in points, so he was able to win the match by decision, even if he only took time, but Rodriguez suggested a slugfest, and in the end, he went over there and hit it, getting caught on the counter he had prepared in advance.

Rodriguez does not give the feeling of being very strong, perhaps because he has a fox-like image and his hitting value and decisiveness are slightly off. But looking at his history, I can’t help but admit him. He has been running on the fighting stage for more than 10 years and has a record of 14 wins, 3 losses and 1 null in his career. In addition, it is evaluated that he is taking good care of his body, such as taking fewer games and not overdoing it, and although it is not noticeable, his skills are steadily growing. In his most recent fight, he defeated Brian Ortega via TKO via shoulder injury in the first round to cement his runner-up spot.

As mentioned earlier, since Rodriguez is a taekwondo-based fighter, he has received special attention from domestic fans since the early days of the UFC. He started Taekwondo around the age of 5 and is a taekwondo champion who has won various competitions. Taekwondo’s status as an Olympic sport is self-explanatory, but it’s a bit different on the MMA stage. The reality is that boxing, Muay Thai, as well as karate, a martial art that looks similar, are being pushed aside.

This is because the technological development of using Taekwondo as a martial art is still slow. Unlike karate, there was not much effort to actively incorporate it into MMA. However, there are not many fighters who are famous for Taekwondo, and the number of fighters based on Taekwondo is considerable. Zelg “Benkay” Galesic, John Makdesi, Dan Hardy, Hong Young-ki, Moon Moon-hoon, Rose Namajunas, James Muntasri, Bruno “Korea” Rodriguez, Anthony Pettis, Darren Crookshank, and Sage Northcutt are representative.

Since ancient times, the 토토사이트excellence of Taekwondo kicks has been recognized. However, due to the relatively large movement, there was a high risk of being hit by a takedown or close-range counter, so it was difficult to use it properly.

However, as MMA continues to develop and the need for more diverse options emerges, interest in Taekwondo, which has many unfamiliar techniques, is increasing. Just like karate, it is expected that the number of taekwondo technicians who complement weaknesses and highlight strengths will steadily increase.

Rodriguez, a former featherweight champion of ‘TUF Latin America 1’, uses a variety of kicks as a taekwondo practitioner for many years. The reason why his kicks are scary is because you never know how the attack will come out. He boasts not only basic kicks such as low kicks, middle kicks, and high kicks, but also various repertoires such as side kicks, front kicks, wing kicks, X kicks, and round kicks.

He is no less than Pettis even in glamour. He frequently jumps up to deliver high kicks, and kicks back at unexpected timing. Watching him flip his body upside down, kick, step on the opponent’s thighs, and perform spectacular kicks in the air reminds me of a scene from a martial arts movie.

Rodriguez is more than just a kick master. With a strong desire to reach the top, he is not neglecting training in various sports such as boxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. It is to make up for the loophole caused by the large kick. In fact, he has three submission victories.

The UFC featherweight (65.8kg) is one of the weight classes that continues to be upgraded in terms of the quality and quantity of the fighters because the solo system of champion Alexander Volkanovski is so solid. Rodriguez, one of the rebel candidates who are aiming for the championship belt, will face 5th place Josh Emmett (37, USA) in the co-main event of the UFC 284 tournament at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia on the 12th (Korean time) for the interim championship. The interim champion gets the right to fight for the unified title when the champion returns, and if the champion returns is difficult, the champion takes over.

Emmett is a fighter who boasts a powerful one shot. He is a hard puncher enough to end the game with a KO if he can hit just one even in a losing match. He is on a five-game winning streak, beating Calvin Kater in June of last year. Reflecting this rising trend, he showed confidence, saying, “Rodriguez is a very good opponent. He is dynamic, difficult to hit, explosive, and has excellent skills. However, he will attack loopholes and insert punches.”

Rodriguez seemed to be well aware of this, saying, “Emmett is a very dangerous opponent. He has the ability to inflict lethal damage or change the flow of the game with a single punch. I expect him to appear in his best form, but I am also formidable. As always, this time The match will be a war,” he said.

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