‘GOAT’ Lionel Messi succeeded in scoring in the shortest time in his A-match.

Argentina, ranked first in the FIFA rankings, won a friendly match against Australia (ranked 29th) held at Gongren Stadium in Beijing, China on the 15th with Messi scoring a goal 79 seconds into the match to win 2-0. In the FIFA World Cup round of 16 held in Qatar last December, Argentina defeated Australia 2-1. Even then, Messi scored the opening goal in the 35th minute of the first half.안전놀이터

Argentina, who became World Cup champions, embarked on a world tour. Argentina wore uniforms with names in Chinese for Chinese fans. Messi wore a jersey with Macy’s on it along with the number 10 that symbolizes him. All other Argentine players also ran with Chinese characters converted according to Chinese transliteration on their backs. There were also happenings during the game. During the game, a young male soccer fan wearing a ‘Messi uniform’ jumped from the stands several meters high, entered the ground, hugged Messi near the corner, and ran ‘frenziedly’ while running away from several security guards, causing the game to be suspended for a while. also became In the end, the spectator was ‘seduced’ out of the stadium with limbs held by 5 to 6 security guards.

Messi, who visited China for the 7th time in his career and the first time in 6 years since 2017, left a lot of topics. It wasn’t smooth from entry. According to Argentinian vendetta media, Messi flew to Beijing, China, on his private jet with her ‘best friend’ Angel Di María. After his entry into Beijing, he was surrounded by border guards. Because of passport issues. Messi, who has dual citizenship from Argentina and Spain, had a history of entering Taiwan without a visa, so he thought it was okay to enter with a Spanish passport. China and Argentina are reciprocal visa-free countries, but China and Spain have not signed a visa-free agreement. Messi, who did not know this fact, waited for 30 minutes in plain clothes until the Argentine team officials handled the issuance of the entry visa. When he was denied entry, he is said to have said, ‘Isn’t Taiwan part of China?’

Messi, who entered China after twists and turns, was warmly welcomed by Chinese fans throughout his stay. When Messi arrived in Korea on the 10th, Chinese fans camped out in front of the airport and accommodation in Messi uniforms. The accommodation was so crowded that the Argentine national team had to move their training schedule to late at night. Tickets for the game sold out in an instant, and the price of scalping tickets skyrocketed. On social media (SNS), there were even those who posted ‘false advertisements’ such as taking commemorative photos with Messi and getting uniforms signed, and stealing money.

The match was played in a messy atmosphere, and Messi lived up to his name. Enzo Fernandez took the ball from the opposing half and connected it to Messi, who received it and scored in 79 seconds from the start of the game with a left-footed mid-range shot in front of the penalty area. Messi, whose birthday is on the 24th, continued his streak of scoring in 7 recent matches against Australia in the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar. Messi’s total A-match score increased to 103 goals. In the 23rd minute of the second half, Hermann Pesella (Real Betis) added a goal and won Argentina 2-0. Argentina will move to Indonesia and play a friendly match against Indonesia (ranked 149th) in Jakarta on the 19th.

Messi’s national team career is coming to an end. In an interview with China’s Titan Sports on the 13th, he said, “The 2022 World Cup in Qatar was my last World Cup stage.” It seems like a realistic choice. Messi was born in 1987. He turns 39 in 2026. Although he still boasts top-notch prowess, it’s not easy for him to carry on that prowess until 2026. He’s not even sure if he’ll continue his career. Of course, given the clues, it would be difficult to be 100% sure, but it seems that he will not participate in the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America.

At the World Cup in Qatar, which was called Messi’s last dance, Messi performed superhumanly. In Mexico in 1986, Messi’s hero Diego Maradona did a one-man show. At the World Cup in Qatar, Messi broke all records related to the World Cup and brought the trophy to his country. 7 goals – 3 assists, and the golden ball, of course, was Messi’s share. “It’s the trophy I’ve wanted all my life. I made my dream come true when I was young,” said Messi, holding the World Cup trophy to the point of falling asleep.

This World Cup is likely to be Messi’s last World Cup. Of course, his national team career continues. Messi has currently played 175 A-matches and scored 103 goals. Messi is likely to go to the Copa America in the United States in 2024. Whether this competition will be the last remains to be seen.

Messi made a big change this summer. Messi said in an interview with Diario Sport and Mundo Deportivo on the 8th, “I have decided to leave Europe” and “I have decided to go to Inter Miami.” After his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired, Messi pondered between returning to Barcelona and going to Saudi Arabia, and chose the third option, going to the United States. Inter Miami, owned by David Beckham, has been actively seeking Messi. According to the BBC, Messi is known to have opened his mind to various conditions to collaborate with giant brands beyond lifestyle and football. It is expected that support from the American Major League Soccer level will be added. Even in terms of revenue, working with big brands is not up to the amount you can get in Saudi Arabia, but you can earn an equivalent amount. Above all, a new justification for pioneering the US market can be obtained. As Messi already owns a house in Miami, he has met all the conditions for the transfer.

After winning the World Cup in Qatar and rising to the ranks of the best in the world, Messi left Europe to decorate the final chapter of his career in the United States. As Messi heads to Major League Soccer, the topography of football is expected to change once again. After Beckham, who came to LA Galaxy, American soccer, which was looking for a superstar to become the center of the league, found the last puzzle. That superstar is Messi. Just as Pele pioneered the American stage, Messi also walked the same path.

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