“It’s a pity, the draw.”

Chungnam Asan drew 1-1 against Busan I’Park in the 6th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 9th at 6:30 pm. Chungnam-Asan, who reached 4 points, was in 12th place.

The first half was perfect. It was stable in the surprise change of 4 hundred, and even Jung Sung-ho’s opening goal came out to catch the atmosphere. After a good first half, it faltered in the second half. Giving an opportunity to Busan’s fierce offensive, they even allowed an equalizer. Chungnam Asan tried to score by putting attack cards such as Song Seung-min and Park Dae-hoon, but in the end,

at the press conference after the game, coach Park Dong-hyuk said,온라인바카라 “It’s unfortunate that the draw was a draw. There was an invisible mistake in the game. It was a pity to sit down, but the change of the four backs was smooth. I saw the positive side. The players also played their part well. It seems that the range of tactical changes has widened.

Regarding Jung Sung-ho, who scored his debut goal, he said, “I told him to play hard, but he played harder than the other day. I hope you will definitely give it.”

When asked about the reason for the delay in the second half, he said, “The opponent put a lot of attack numbers to score. We went down once. After that, we couldn’t bring possession of the ball when we cut it off. answered.

Regarding the situation in which Kim Jong-guk fell out while complaining of an injury in the middle, he said, “It wasn’t an injury, but a cramp. , Duarte, and Lee Ho-in come back from injury, I think the range of player operation will be wider.”

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