A 46-gram golf ball is a strange thing. If you get greedy, it’s going to hit the wrong place. Be tranquil. Anger and pride are not allowed. Empty your mind to hear the words. Golfers are monks.

123 ‘young monks’ have gathered together. The sixth round of the 2023 Junior Golf Series, organized by the Korea Junior Golf Association (JGAK), concluded at Baekje Country Club in Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do, on Sept. 19.

Youth golfers from all over the country battled for the top spot on the scoreboard. All six divisions, divided into boys and girls and elementary, middle and high school, were close.

Jang Myung-jong (Daejeon Bangtonggo 2), who won the boys’ high school division with a 1-under-par 71, said, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to play today (Nov. 19) because of the heavy fog, but I’m surprised that I did better than I thought.” “I think it’s because I played with a clear mind,” he smiled.

He cited Colin Morikawa (USA) as a role model. “I saw him for the first time three years ago,” he said, “and it’s really cool to see him not only tee shots but also iron shots (into the hole).” He admires the senior golfer who has reached the level of a golf master.

Park Sae-rom (Youngdong Industrial Science High School 2) shot a 1-under-par 71 to win the girls’ high school trophy. She used a razor putt to beat out Lee Seung-min and Kim Do-ah for the top spot on the podium.

“I was worried about my shots, which are my strengths, but I was able to win because I putted well,” she said. “I think this is the beauty of golf, that even if your first shot is shaky, you can make up for it with a birdie (with a putt). It’s a sport that you don’t know until the end,” she said shyly.

Ko Da-yeon (Bibongjung 2) finished atop the girls’ secondary division with a 3-under-par 69. She shaved three strokes off her round in the first half of the day, putting her well clear of the second-place group.

Citing “the feeling of satisfaction when the ball goes into the hole” as her favorite part of the game, Ko is a prepared golfer who pays attention to her diet early on.

“If I eat salty or spicy food the day before a tournament, my body swells and my shots don’t go well, so I’ve been eating and sleeping lightly since the beginning of the year,” she said, adding, “Last night, I ate shabu-shabu.”

In addition, Kim Soo-hyun (13) won the boys’ secondary division with a 1-over-par 73, while Kim Hwa-pyeong (Canaan Academy 6) and Park Jung-yeon (Mabukcho 6) won the boys’ and girls’ primary divisions.

JGAK is a non-profit organization created to develop the highest level of male and female professional golfers and create a level playing field for K-12 golfers.

The JGAK holds monthly national junior tournaments, supports scholarships for golfers and develops educational programs to foster domestic talent.

Since March, the organization has been holding monthly nationwide junior tournaments to fertilize the soil for domestic prospects.

Baekje Country Club, where the JGAK tournament is held, is known as the ‘Junior Golf Mecca’. Baekje CC hosts the Jump Tour (Part 3), which is known as the gateway to the stars of the Korean Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA). From next year, it will also host the KLPGA Associate Member Selection.

Participating in the JGAK tournament is expected to provide a significant growth opportunity for youth golfers as they can get a taste of the professional scene.

The JGAK also plans to hold tournaments at the Monarch Country Club in Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do, which opened last July. It is the home of the KLPGA’s secondary tour, the Dream Tour.

The foundation for junior golfers to grow into star players has been laid by participating in JGAK tournaments, the KLPGA Associate Member Selection, the Jump Tour, and the Dream Tour.

JGAK Executive Director Noh Hyun-wook said, “We hold monthly tournaments so that junior golfers can gain more (practical) experience. The number of elementary, middle and high school players who dream of becoming the next Park Inbee and Kim Joo-hyung is also exploding,” said Noh. “There are already prospective stars emerging from the JGAK tournaments, which are watched closely by many golf officials. The JGAK is a great place for junior golfers to test their skills and lay the groundwork to become top players.”토토사이트

The JGAK has announced its upcoming tournament schedule early. There are two tournaments in October alone.

On the 4th and 30th of next month, it will hold the 7th and 8th rounds of the Junior Golf Series to help junior golfers gain a wealth of hands-on experience.

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