Kim Young-hyun joined the DB with Doo Kyung-min and Kim Jong-gyu.

On the 16th,메이저사이트 Wonju DB announced through a press release that it had signed a contract with Kim Young-hyeon (186cm, G) under the terms of a contract period of 3 years and a total remuneration of 150 million won (annual salary of 130 million won, incentive of 20 million won).

Kim Young-hyun made his debut through the 2013-2014 KBL rookie draft. Even before his debut, his outstanding defensive skills attracted a lot of attention. But it took him a long time to prove his worth.

The time when Kim Young-hyun saw the light was the last 2022-2023 season. Kim Young-hyun played 50 games last season and played an average of 16 minutes, which was a great help to the team’s defense. He also enjoyed the honor of being selected as the 5th defensive girl. The off-season greeted like that. Kim Young-hyun, who obtained FA qualification, left Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, where he played for 9 years, and headed to DB. He transferred on good terms, but the reason why he couldn’t help but laugh.

In response, Kim Young-hyun said, “I have a good heart after going to DB. But on the other hand, he also felt emotions that cannot be described in words. He was very nice and sad. He also had a sad mind,” he said, expressing his impressions of the transfer.

He continued, “I spent 10 years at Hyundai Mobis. That’s why I have a lot of regrets. The newly appointed head coach, Dong-hyun Cho, believed in me and gave me ample playing time. In doing so, he gained confidence and found a shooting balance. And Coach Yang Dong-geun also gave me great strength. He always encouraged me and gave me confidence. Coach Park Gu-young also helped me a lot in shooting. Even when I couldn’t shoot, I asked the coach. Besides that, I had a good season thanks to the help of so many people, including my teammates and trainers.”

“When I talked to the DB front, I really got the feeling that they wanted me. The club also acknowledged me as a shooter, not as a professional defender. It should help the front defense. At the same time, (Doo) Kyung-min or Albano should put in the 3-point shot. I chose DB thinking that I would be able to grow as I received more opportunities and more roles,” explaining why he decided to move to DB.

Kim Young-hyun, who has been active in the league for 9 years, moved the team for the first time since his debut. That’s why, “I’ve been only at Hyundai Mobis. But now I’m going to a new team. When you enter, you must quickly catch the culture, atmosphere, and direction of the team. There are (Kim) Jong-gyu and Kyung-min in the team. That’s why you feel comfortable. I plan to ask a lot of questions to my friends. And I will try to adapt quickly.”

In particular, Kim Young-hyeon is a person who led the legend of Kyunghee University along with Kim Jong-gyu (204cm, C) and Doo Kyung-min (184cm, G). The three players still boast a strong relationship. In response, Kim Young-hyun said, “Kyung-min and Jong-gyu meet very often. The reason for the transfer is not without the influence of the two players. Both of them told me they were so happy that I was on the team. (Laughs) I like it too.”

He continued, “For me, college years were the most enjoyable. It was because our grades were good at the time and I also played basketball. Now I want to relive those days with my friends. I will prepare for the season with that mindset.”

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