The possibility that Atletico Madrid, known as the team most advanced in recruiting Lee Kang-in, may withdraw from the recruitment match has been raised. Spanish media Eldesmarque quoted a Marca report on the 13th (Korean time) and said that Atletico Madrid may not open its pockets to compete with Lee Kang-in and the Premier League teams.

Eldesmarque said, 온라인카지노“Coach Diego Simeone hopes that the contract this summer will not be a waste of money that could harm the team next season. dropped,” he said.

▲ Atletico Madrid is a team that is constantly mentioned before signing Lee Kang-in.

With 6 goals and 5 assists in 35 games this season, Lee Kang-in has become a key player in the Mallorca team and has become a player to watch in the Primera Liga. His most notable feature is his dribbling ability. As of the 13th, with 74 dribbles, he is tied for 4th overall in the Primera Liga in this category with Rodrygo (Real Madrid). It is a figure that stands shoulder to shoulder with stars representing the Primera Liga, such as Carlos Vinicius Jr. (103 times, Real Madrid), Samuel Chuqueze (78 times, Villarreal), and Iñaki Williams (78 times, Athletic Bilbao).

Because of this, it has become a name to pay attention to in the summer transfer market. English Premier League multiple clubs and Atletico Madrid were mentioned locally as teams targeting Lee Kang-in. Spanish and British media reported that Atletico Madrid and Premier League Tottenham Hotspur are ahead of Lee Kang-in.

Atletico Madrid is a team that tried to recruit Lee Kang-in in the winter transfer market last January. An official proposal was made to Mallorca, but it failed because it fell short of the buyout clause. The amount in the contract with Lee Kang-in for Mallorca is known to be between 17 million and 18 million euros.

However, as Lee Kang-in’s performance increased after the winter transfer market, the possibility that Atletico Madrid would pay the buyout amount was raised. Given that Atletico Madrid is certain to advance to the UEFA Champions League next season, and that Lee Kang-in is more familiar with Spain than England, there was a lot of speculation that he would move to Atletico Madrid rather than the Premier League.

▲ Lee Kang-in hugs after scoring with Bedard Muriki in the match against Athletic Bilbao on the 2nd. ⓒYonhap News/EPA

▲ Lee Kang-in, who played against Atletico Madrid on the 27th of last month. ⓒYonhap News/EPA

However, reports by Marka and Eldesmarke dismiss this possibility. Eldesmarque said, “Lee Kang-in was seduced by the team that wanted to play for a team participating in the Champions League, but the 17 million euro amount, known as the buyout clause, cooled the possibility of Atletico Madrid’s negotiations. According to Marca, Atletico Madrid will pay 17 million euros. “I don’t want to invest that kind of money on a player who isn’t a solid starter, even though I can.”

Atletico, which mainly uses the 3-5-2 formation, has a solid lineup. The central midfielders who are likely to take Lee Kang-in’s place are Koke, Rodrigo De Paul, and Marcos Llorente. Kang-in Lee also plays a sluggish striker, but Antoine Griezmann, who has emerged as the best striker in the Primera Liga, and Angel Correa, the Argentine national team, are also solidifying the position of forward striker in Atlético.

“The contract competition with Lee Kang-in will be determined by economic conditions such as salary,” he said. .

▲ Lee Kang-in and Son Heung-min from the Korean national team ⓒReporter Kwak Hye-mi

The news that Atlético Madrid will withdraw is good news for Premier League teams, such as Tottenham, who have been aiming for Lee Kang-in. In particular, Tottenham is known as the team most interested in signing Lee Kang-in, as they have needed a creative midfielder since Christian Eriksen left. Some British media speculate that Son Heung-min’s existence could affect the recruitment of Lee Kang-in.

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