“Perhaps it is fate. As I have been given another chance, I have to burn all my remaining passion for the development of the Dongducheon ice rink.”

On the 27th, the first day of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival speed skating competition, I met a happy face at the Taereung International Skating Rink.

Lee In-sik (66), the “godfather” of the Dongducheon ice skating rink, who left the ice when the team was disbanded at the end of 2019, is the director of Dongducheon City Hall.

After taking his first step as a coach in Sadongcho, Dongducheon, which was barren on ice in 1980, coach Lee founded Dongducheon and junior and high school teams one after another to nurture promising players, and has many national-level players such as Song Jae-geun, Baek Guk-gun, Kim Bo-young, Kim Jin-soo, Shin Hwa-young, and Kim Hyeong-ho. has emitted

In 2001, he served as the founding director of Dongducheon City Hall, coaching short track star Kim Dong-seong, national speed skating representative Choi Jae-bong, Lee Bo-ra, Lee Ju-yeon, Joo Hyeong-jun, Park Do-young, and Kim Young-ho, and contributed to Cha Min-gyu winning a silver medal in the 500m at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. . 토토사이트

He is the protagonist of a rare case of rising from an elementary school leader to a national team coach through middle and high school and unemployment team.

With the pain of disbanding the Dongducheon City Hall team at the end of 2019, Director Lee ended his life as a leader who devoted 40 years in Dongducheon. However, Dongducheon City re-founded the ice team three years after disbanding this year, and entrusted coach Lee with the baton again through a public offering.

Director Lee said, “It is not easy to re-create the team, but I am grateful for the hard work of Mayor Park Hyung-deok, who made the courageous decision, and the officials of the city and city sports associations who supported it.” As we have always achieved good results in difficult circumstances, we will do our best to contribute to the development of ice skating in Dongducheon and Korea with all our last passion.”

With the return of the Dongducheon ice rink godfather, the former disciples also came into harmony. Coach Lee, who formed a team with national sprinter Cha Min-gyu (30), former national team member Kim Young-ho (33), and long-distance hopeful Kim Yoon-ji (20), will work again at the Milan/Cortina d’Ampezzo Olympics, which will be held three years later. He expressed his determination to pay for it.

Coach Kim Ki-moon (56), who is coaching student athletes as his disciple and long-time companion, shares information and coaching methods, and coach Lee In-sik, who spares no advice for promising prospects, leads Dongducheon with the experience and passion of a ‘veteran’. I am looking forward to seeing if I can reproduce the reputation of the ice sheet.

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