On the LPGA Tour last year, Korean players won only four victories.

The golden days of double-digit wins are now a memory.

This year, our players are expected to perform well in the endemic trend.

Reporter Kim Sang-ik on the sidewalk.

Out of the 26 LPGA Tour events held last year, Korean players won only four times.

Starting with Ko Jin-young in March, only Kim Hyo-joo, Ji Eun-hee, and Jeon In-ji lifted the trophy.

Since 2011, when it recorded 3 wins, it is a far cry from the days when it won 15 wins, even considering that a few tournaments have been reduced due to Corona 19 with the minimum number of wins.

Park Seong-hyun, a long hitter with 7 wins on the LPGA, who also rose to the top of the world rankings, is also determined to recover after a long slump.

[Park Seong-hyun / LPGA Tour Player: I’ve been having a hard time for the past 2-3 years, and I’ve seen things improve little by little since the second half of last year. I have the idea that it will definitely be much better in 2023, and I will definitely make it that way.]

The increase in foreign players with excellent driving distance is also an obstacle to Korean players winning the championship. 먹튀검증

In addition, as the domestic tour continues to be loved by fans, there are not a few cases where players give up their will to challenge the US stage.

Even in this atmosphere, Yoo Hae-ran, who won the qualifying chief this season following Choi Hye-jin last year, threw a challenge.

[Yoo Hae-ran / Rookie of the LPGA Tour: After all, the LPGA tour travels around a lot, so adapting well is the biggest goal. If you adapt well, I wonder if the championship will follow you someday.]

While Ko Jin-young, who has held the world No. 1 spot for a total of three years, is trying to recover from a sluggish wrist injury and recover her honor, existing strong players such as Kim Hyo-joo and Kim Se-young also revive Korean women’s golf. is committed to.

The LPGA, which played the season opener during the Lunar New Year holidays, will be on the road to a total of 33 events from the end of next month to mid-November.

This is YTN Kim Sang-ik.

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