Yum Yu-seong (21, 186.5cm) is concentrating on rehabilitation in his first off-season as a pro.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Yeom Yoo-seong participated as a special guest at the ‘3rd Korea Multicultural Foundation Asia 3×3 Basketball Tournament’ held by the Korea Multicultural Foundation at the Seongseo Outlet Town Outdoor Park in Daegu on the 30th.

Korea Gas Corporation크크크벳 (KOGAS) participated in the Korea Multicultural Foundation Cup 3×3 Basketball Tournament. Yeom Yoo-seong expressed his anticipation for the event, saying, “I once played a 3-on-3 game with players. The rules are different, so there are a lot of things to pay attention to. But it’s fun because the speed is fast.”

Yeom Yoo-seong, who succeeded in advancing to the pros early last year, finished his first pro season with Jeonju KCC on March 29th. Yeom Yoo-seong, who is currently on vacation, said, “I am doing a little bit of weight, and the rest is spending time with my family for healing.”

When the KOGAS basketball team arrived at the scene, many fans turned to the players. The players had a mini fan meeting with autographs as well as photos. It was the first time that the KOGAS players and fans communicated after the end of the regular season, so it must have been even more welcome for the fans.

Yeom Yoo-seong said, “I was a bit embarrassed because I felt this way after a long time. I was very nervous, but it’s good to see the fans after a long time.”

Yeom Yoo-seong, who suffered a shoulder injury in college, plans to focus on shoulder rehabilitation during the offseason. Yeom Yoo-seong said, “I’m currently rehabilitating my shoulder, but I’m going to go separately to learn shoulder exercises again.”

Attention is focusing on what kind of fruit Yum Yeom’s off-season efforts, which are much loved by KOGAS fans, will lead to in the new season.

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