Do I have a good sense of touch?”

Professional soccer Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong (52) smiled broadly at the victory celebrating the fourth anniversary.

Pohang won the home game against Suwon Samsung in the 9th round of the K League 1 held at Pohang Steel Yard on the 25th, 1-0 thanks to Kim Seung-dae’s winning goal.

With this victory,카지노사이트 Pohang ran undefeated in the opening 9 games (5 wins, 4 draws) and rose to second place in the rankings.

Coach Kim laughed after the game, saying, “I expected a tough game right after the East Coast Derby, but the players tried hard to give me a good present.”

No matter what anyone says, it was Kim Seung-dae who gave Kim a present.

In the 4th minute of the first half of the day, when a cross from the side hit the goalkeeper’s hand and flowed, Kim Seung-dae put it into the net with an exquisite right-footed shot.

What made coach Kim even more happy was the fact that he had his first win four years ago. Coach Kim took the helm of Pohang on April 23, 2019, and his first victory coincidentally came against Suwon that day. It was Kim Seung-dae who scored the goal at the time.

Coach Kim said, “I have a good sense of humor.” He and Seungdae have been playing together since 2019 and have been doing well,” he chuckled.

However, instead of a ceremony to rush at coach Kim, Seung-dae wrapped a wet ball in his uniform and bit his thumb. It was a baby bottle ceremony for the second child to be born in June.

Director Kim said, “After Seung-dae got married, people changed. In the past, I was a free spirit, but my sense of responsibility has grown.”

The interest is in how far Pohang, who has forgotten defeat, will continue its momentum.

Coach Kim said, “We went out with 5 wins and 4 draws. So far, if you win 2, you get 2 draws, and if you win 2, you get 2 draws. “It’s my turn to go with 2 wins again,” he said. I want to continue to challenge myself,” he said vigorously.

Pohang’s next opponent is Incheon United, which coincidentally left Shin Jin-ho before the opening. The discord, not the discord between director Kim and Shin Jin-ho, was also an issue before the opening.

Director Kim said, “I have to meet you to know. He said, “We will exchange greetings and talk with each other, but as much as we are playing at a steel yard, I want to win with a good game without concessions.”

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