19th ‘World 3 Cushion Survival’ 2nd Main Event, Group D 1-2
Group C Kim Hangjik Bromdahl eliminated…Tran Daobanli advances to semifinals
Heojeong Choi Wan-young loses Group 3 and 4
Yaspers Typhoon Zanetti Nikos advances to semifinals

Kim Jun-tae and Choi Ji-yeon became the first Korean players to reach the semifinals of World 3 Cushion Survival. On the other hand, Kim Haeng-jik and the underdog Choi Wan-young Jeong Ye-sung were eliminated.

On the night of the 19th, the second round of the World 3 Cushion Survival 2023 concluded at the Vita500 Coliseum in Jamsil, Seoul. As a result, Kim Jun-tae and Choi Ji-yeon, who finished first and second in Group D, as well as Yaspers Typhoon’s Janetty Tran and Nikos Daovanli, who finished first and second in their respective groups, joined the semifinals. On the other hand, Kim Hang-jik, Heo Jung-han and Choi Wan-young finished third and fourth in their respective groups.

Kim Jun-tae, Choi Ji-yeon, Tran Daoban-li reach semifinals… Kim Haeng-jik, Bromdal eliminated

In Group D, Kim Jun-tae and Choi Ji-yeon took the top two spots, while Martin Horn and Legazpi were eliminated in third and fourth place.

Kim and Choi took control of the match early on. Finishing the first half in first and second place, Choi (46 points) and Kim (42 points) continued to rack up points in the second half to maintain their lead over third and fourth place. After 10 innings, Kim Jun-tae finished in first place with 80 points, while Choi Ji-yeon (72 points) secured a spot in the semifinals in second place. Martin Horn (48 points) and Legazpi (40 points) finished third and fourth.

In Group C, Kim and Bromdahl were eliminated in fourth and third place, while Vietnam’s Tran and Daobanli advanced to the semifinals with a 1-2 finish.

The first half ended with Daobanli in first place with 57 points, followed by Bromdahl (40 points), Kim Haengjik (16 points), and Tran (4 points) in second through fourth. In the second half, however, the game changed dramatically. Tran, who was in last place, went on a 13-point run in the first inning to reach 68 points and quickly moved into second place. Daobanli remained in first place with 80 points, followed by Bromdahl (60 points) in third and Kim Haeng-jik (32 points) in fourth.

It was more of the same after that. After the final six innings, Daubanly finished the match in first place with 82 points, while Tran (78 points) joined him in second place. Bromdahl (62 points) and Kim Haeng-jik (18 points) finished third and fourth…

Yaspers Typhoon’s Zanetti Nikos advances to semifinals…Heo Jung-ye-sung upset by Wan-young Choi

In the earlier Group B match, Heo struggled throughout and finished third in the group. After finishing the first half in third place (25 points), Heo picked up the momentum early in the second half. He added 33 points in the first three games to close the gap on the top players, but then went cold again and finished third with 31 points in the final eight games. In this group, Tasdemir (95 points, 12 high runs) finished first and Zanetti (95 points, 11 high runs) finished second to advance to the next round. In fourth place was Sidom (19 points).

In Group A, Choi Wan-young (Gwangju Billiards Federation) and Jeong Ye-sung (Seoul Billiards Federation) remained in third and fourth place. At the end of the first half, only Yaspers (66 points) had a clear lead in the standings, and there was not much of a gap between Nikos (26 points), Choi Wan-young (22 points), and Jeong Ye-sung (6 points) in second through fourth place. Choi Wan-young, in particular, steadily racked up points in the middle of the second half of the game to stay in second place with 67 points, ahead of Nicos (51 points) through six innings.

However, Nicos’ offense came alive in the seventh inning, including an eight-run seventh inning, and they ultimately took second place (84 points). Yasper (88 points) was first, Choi Wan-young (60 points) third, and Jeong Ye-seong (8 points) fourth.

The semi-finals will take place tomorrow (May 20) at 2pm and 4pm, followed by the final at 8pm.토토사이트

‘World 3 Cushion Survival 2023’ will be streamed globally online via Africa TV, and key matches will also be broadcast live on Africa TV cable channels (Live 154, Genie TV 129, Btv 234, U+tv 120, Seokyung Broadcasting 256).

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