In the third season of the Major League (MLB), Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) showed strong confidence ahead of fierce competition. He expressed his goal that he would like to play an active part as a strong member of the team and achieve his grand dream of winning the World Series beyond fall baseball.

Kim Ha-seong departs for Los Angeles, California, USA on the 27th and starts preparing for the new season. In an interview at Incheon International Airport before departure, he said, “I worked out really hard in the offseason. I will do my best to prepare even after moving to the United States. I have high expectations and excitement, but I hope it will be a good season.” .

Kim Ha-seong took over as the starting shortstop in place of Fernando Tatis Jr., who was removed from the team last year due to an injury and was caught taking prohibited drugs, and showed off his upgraded skills, but he has not yet established himself.

As San Diego recruited large shortstop Zander Bogarts in the free agent (FA) market, Kim Ha-seong must move to second baseman. Existing second baseman Jake Cronenworth may make a chain move to first baseman, but it is not yet confirmed. In the spring camp, you have to overcome fierce competition to get a spot.

In particular, he is called up to the Korean national baseball team to participate in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), so there are not many opportunities to play with his teammates. Kim Ha-seong is scheduled to come to Korea in line with the national team training schedule to be held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on March 2nd. His exhibition matches are also limited to about 4 rounds. 슬롯사이트

Regarding the fact that it could be a bit unfavorable, Ha-seong Kim said, “Ever since entering the major leagues, every moment has been a competition. I tried to work harder than other players in the offseason and spring camp. ) I don’t care too much.”

“A player has to compete for whatever team he plays for,” he said. “The general manager (AJ Preller) ordered, ‘I will play in many games as a second baseman, but I hope to prepare for a shortstop as well.’ He said, ‘This is a team that can go out.’ In the end, I have to do well to win the competition for the starting position. I will prepare well for what I can do and face it with confidence.”

At the same time, he showed strong confidence in the role of second baseman. Kim Ha-seong said, “I think second baseman will be more comfortable than shortstop (the defensive range is narrow). The defensive shift prohibition rule will be introduced, and he will be able to make better plays with a wide defensive range (with quick feet).”

In this Stove League, Kim Ha-seong was often mentioned in trade rumors. He was linked with the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins in need of a shortstop. However, as the mentioned teams were looking for a replacement shortstop, Ha-seong Kim was preparing for the new season in San Diego.

Kim Ha-seong said, “I was not under any pressure or pressure,” and said, “I think San Diego has the strongest infield among the 30 major league teams. While competing in it, I promised myself that I would just do what I did. For the past two years, this team I tried hard to adapt, but I think I will have to work harder in the future.”

Ha-sung Kim has more competitors, but San Diego’s power is getting stronger. Local media also picked San Diego as the favorite to win the World Series this season.

Ha-seong Kim said, “Last year (in the major leagues), I learned and experienced a lot while playing my first fall baseball. My desire to win also grew. Not only me, but all my fellow players are preparing for the new season with that thought.” Because this is so good, I will be able to challenge for the championship.”

Finally, Kim Ha-seong said, “As much as I prepared hard, I will do my best to catch two rabbits, the major league and the WBC,” and said, “I will show you my grades.”

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