Kim Bo-mi finally broke through the wall in the quarterfinals. The eighth time in the finals. But the opponent is formidable. It is Throng who is crowned with 3 crowns.

In the semifinals of the ‘2023 Crown Haetae LPBA Championship’ held on the 6th (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), Kim Bo-mi defeated Baek Min-ju of the power shot 3-1 and reached the final.

Bo-mi Kim’s semifinal match was her 8th in her career. In seven semifinals of her career, including three this season, she took her knee on each occasion.

She played well until the quarterfinals, such as scoring her most points before the survival, but when it was only the semifinals, she strangely recoiled. However, with her ‘unbreakable heart’, she eventually surpassed the semi-final high.

Kim Bo-mi, who took the lead, won the first set 11:8. However, it was not until the 16th inning that she struggled, posting a set point. She both seemed pretty nervous.

The second set was given up too easily. After scoring 2 runs in the 1st and 2nd innings, they lost 2:11 while blowing토토사이트 5 innings with empty hits.

It was Kim Bo-mi, who sank rapidly, but found a sense of shot again in the third set. The bank shot in the second inning was the decisive blow for confidence. In sets 1 and 2, she never landed a bank shot.

In 6 innings, Kim Bo-mi played 5 consecutive hits with 2 bank shots, won 11:2, and paid off the 2nd set debt as it is.

Kim Bo-mi, who has gained momentum. In 4 sets and 3 innings, he fired consecutive bank shots and recorded 6 consecutive hits. And she hit 4 consecutive hits in 5 innings, winning 11:5 and finishing the semifinals.

Throng made the quarterfinals relatively easy. The first shot did not go away, but it was thanks to Lee Mari, a talented player, who hit the first 5 balls in the first set.

Throng scored 10 points by hitting 3 consecutive hits in 7 innings in the 1st set. The game, which seemed to end soon, was prolonged as Throng could not handle the pole six times.

In the meantime, Imari tied the score at 10:10 with 4 consecutive hits in 11 innings and 2 consecutive hits in 13 innings. The set point position was good, but Imari narrowly missed it.

At the end of the 13th inning, Throng, who had been put down for a while, finally scored the 11th run.

It was the first set that influenced the whole flow. Imari, who missed the final blow, scored two consecutive free kicks after scoring one run in the second set and one inning.

Throng, who survived over the hump, poured out an onslaught from the beginning. He won 11:1 in 4 innings by hitting 3-2-3 consecutively after 3 consecutive hits in 1 inning.

And he made it to the final by successfully attacking for 6 consecutive innings, including 4 consecutive hits in 3 innings in 4 sets.

In the 3rd set, 11 innings, Imari, who fired 7 consecutive hits and turned the tide, failed to score a single run in the 4th set, 7 innings, and was defeated 0:11.

The final match between Throng and Kim Bo-mi will be held on the 7th at 9:30 pm.

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