They look alike.

KIA’s new foreign one-two punch Mario Sanchez and Thomas Panoni (aged 29 and above) have definitely gained the trust of coach Kim Jong-guk. Sanchez went to the opening game of the second half against Doosan on the 21st, and on the 26th, five days later, he was selected by coach Kim Jong-guk again in the Changwon NC game. Native starting pitchers such as Yang Hyeon-jong, Lee Eui-ri, and Yoon Young-chul did not go out in the second half, and the team had plenty of time to operate the mound as they took a break for three days in a row.

Sanchez proved why he is trusted by manager Kim Jong-guk. definitely smart The controversial double kicking is no longer done. The fake squat check is also attempted with the left shoulder firmly open in the direction of first base. Authoritative interpretation by the KBO Referees Committee to maintain consistency and block opponent deception.

Against Doosan, he became a losing pitcher with 4 hits (2 homers), 10 strikeouts, 1 walk and 4 runs in 6⅔ innings. However, Choi Ji-min’s accounting fraud was great. On the 26th, Changwon NC Game also won 2 wins (1 loss) of the season with 9 hits, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk and 3 runs in 5 innings.

He still pitches with his right foot barely hanging over the pitch on the first base side. The right-handed hitter’s outside slider, cutter, and sweeper are very tricky. He uses a diagonal changeup that seems out of sight to left-handed hitters. And the command of all types of pitches is sophisticated, after entering the KBO league, he has only two pitches in 18 innings in 3 games. However, it is necessary to compensate for the fact that the hit rate rises a little after 80 pitches.

Like a finesse pitcher, Panoni’s greatest strength is that he has few walks. On the 12th, he returned with Samsung, giving up 4 hits, 2 strikeouts, 1 walk and 2 runs in 4 innings. On the 25th, Changwon NC Game also had 5 hits, 7 strikeouts, 1 walk and no runs in 5 innings. 2 walks in 9 innings in 2 games.

Panoni also has its own weapon. In his debut match, he focused on set position and took a short slide step, but in the game on the 25th, he raised his leg high and pitched powerfully. In this case, there is definitely a weakness that reduces speed. Instead, each type of command is good, so there is no problem with the content. He said that the more pitches he pitches, the more innings he gets.

Sean Anderson and Adonis Medina, who were involved in the first half, had a lot of ups and downs in pitching, regardless of win or loss. Medina, in particular, failed to take advantage of his fastball and was consistently weak against lefties. Anderson wasn’t bad either, but he didn’t press firmly with force, and his commands weren’t very sophisticated either.바카라

Sanchez and Panoni have only been in two or three games now. As your sample builds up and your opponents begin to respond, you should analyze their transcripts. However, KIA internally sees the two pitching styles as not having severe ups and downs or being battered. If foreign pitchers have this style, the manager can manage the season stably. because it is calculated.

KIA needs a counterattack in the second half. In order to advance to the top 5, a winning streak is essential. In that respect, Sanchez and Panoni’s stable move is quite encouraging. Once you have the basic conditions for a counterattack. If the starting lineup is stable in the long-term race, the opportunity will eventually come.

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