Gwangju FC coach Lee Jeong-hyo was a difficult person to judge based on his outward appearance.카지노

Gwangju was having a difficult summer. Until last June 24th, when they caught Jeonbuk Hyundai at home, it seemed that Gwangju’s gust of wind would continue throughout the summer. However, like a lie, Gwangju began to falter after losing 0-4 in the Jeonbuk expedition that took place 4 days later.

It was disappointing to lose 0-1 to first place Ulsan Hyundai, but we couldn’t move forward as we continued to draw against Gangwon FC, Jeju United, and Daegu FC. When analyzing the results of the game, I can’t say just one thing, but the biggest reason was indoor training.

Gwangju Soccer Center, where Gwangju should train, becomes impossible to train when it rains a lot. Due to the rainy season that began in early July, Gwangju could not conduct proper training. Although it was replaced with indoor training, there was no choice but to be concerned about the deterioration of the players’ condition.

Just like the gloomy sky during the rainy season, July in Gwangju is also starting to get gloomy. The record of 3 draws and 1 loss in 4 league games was fatal for Gwangju, which was aiming for the final round Group A. At the time when they had to run away, Gwangju began to decline, and were held in check by Daegu and Incheon United, which were in the middle and lower ranks.

So the match against Suwon FC was more important to Gwangju. Coach Lee Jeong-hyo also ordered the players to prepare an opportunity for a rebound, saying, “Every game is important, but I think this game will be more important” before the game.

At the same time, he was very concerned about the lack of training, saying, “Honestly, I am very worried. I trained indoors. I only did a little on the field. There is a big difference between field and indoor exercise. The players worked hard in an environment where there was no training.”

When the game started, Gwangju consistently drove Suwon FC. It rained a lot right before the game and the grass was wet, but it didn’t matter too much to the Gwangju players. Coach Lee Jeong-hyo also began to command while yelling at the players as usual.

Gwangju, who seized the victory with Doo Hyun-seok’s wonderful goal just before the end of the first half, began to solidify in the second half. However, this was not the game manager Lee Jeong-hyo wanted, and he was more angry with the players than usual.

From the outside, he seemed very dissatisfied with the players, but after the game, he showed his honest feelings. Director Lee Jung-hyo, who sat at the press conference, couldn’t get his words out for a while. After drinking a sip of water given to him by a club official, he began to feel emotional emotions from him as he began to open his mouth.

“I think it’s a win for the players. They overcame in any case, and they’re pouring out everything without giving in. I’m proud and proud. No matter what I say or what words I use, I see them not lying and doing their best on the playground, even though they are outside the stadium, I am moved and moved by running together. The number of fans in Gwangju has also increased.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo was moved and emotional when the players who were struggling despite the difficult environment did their best to reciprocate on the pitch. He was a different side of coach Lee Jung-hyo, who swears at other teams at press conferences and shouts at the players more than anyone else on the pitch.

The Gwangju players already knew what kind of emotions were contained in the appearance of Lee Jung-hyo, who was reflected externally. Um Ji-seong said, “I saw the coach after he came out as a substitute, and when I saw him angry, I felt that he was different from the other coaches. He has a big desire. Even if he is winning, he does so so that the players do not lose their guard. He shouts outside, so the players wake up and run one step further,” expressing his gratitude to coach Lee Jung-hyo.

He continued, “The players know that the coach is working hard to change. That’s why the players are desperate. Our players have the power to talk when they bring results.

Jeong Ho-yeon also knew coach Lee Jung-hyo’s sincerity, saying, “It only happens inside the stadium. The players also know the coach’s hard work. He shouts for us to do well. The more you shout, the more the players want to do something.”

The victory over Suwon FC against Gwangju was as valuable as the 3 points scored in 6 games, confirming the tenacity of coach Lee Jung-hyo and the team.

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